KFC Mighty Bucket For One

Mighty Bucket For One

Introducing the Mighty Bucket for one… KFC’s latest release, that I can’t help but think, should already exist!

Price: £5.59 (medium meal)

Calories: 1270 Kcal

Contains: 1 fries, 2 hot wings, 2 pieces, 2 mini breast fillets and a regular Drink

KFC Might Bucket For One

The Mighty Bucket

This meal is one for the real chicken fans, KFC UK have got a huge range of burger based meals, but were lacking in options for people who just want pure and simple chicken. Sure we have the boneless banquet and the original recipe meals, but this combines the two. Spicy wings, succulent chicken pieces and some mini fillets for dipping. This meal genuinely does fill a gap in their menu in my opinion, it can mean the days of being forced to share a bargain bucket are over.

Clearly, it is not the most innovative product, there is nothing new here, but it is a new combination of tried, tested and delicious chicken. Sure, it’s a bit on the expensive side, but this is KFC after all.  The only thing concerning me about this meal, is that it seems almost too obvious! something like this should be a staple of KFC’s menu and hopefully it will get the sales to establish a permanent place on the menu.

This meal definitely has my vote, like all great things in life it is simple and effective. Remember to let us know your thoughts!


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