60 Second Service at McDonald’s

That’s right, your burger in 60 seconds, or you get one free!

McDonald’s Japan have just finished a month of what sounds like total insanity. Between the hours of 11AM – 2PM, McDonald’s workers had to serve customers’ their burgers within 1 minute, according to a sand timer on the counter. But, it get’s better, if the customer doesn’t receive their burger within the 60 seconds, they’re given a voucher for a burger of their choice!

60 second service mcdonalds


Looks to me like McDonald’s Japan may have been forced to give away a few more burgers than they had planned. However this would undoubtedly encourage people to eat at McDonald’s, and it is a testament to how efficient fast food workers in the far east really are, as I have a feeling that a policy like this simply wouldn’t work here in the UK. On average, unless ordering a single cheeseburger or something along those lines, I would say it is fairly rare to be served within 1 minute.  There is also brilliant scope to totally abuse this offer from McDonald’s, by asking for a special order, or something a bit more complex, with additional or without certain ingredients, and they are bound to take longer than a minute!

This is a pretty interesting tactic from McDonald’s and I would of course love to see it here,  but I just don’t see it happening, what do you guys think, leave comments or discuss it on our forums!


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