Battle of the Fries…

For generations, we have been unable to decide which of the major fast food stores, does the best fries. It is time to settle this once and for all, with a closer look at all of them and a vote, to find out the truth.

KFC Fries

KFC Fries

KFC:  The fries here come in a smaller portion than anywhere else, with a regular containing just 247kcal. These fries are the fluffiest, and the thickest, however this seems to take away from  the flavour unfortunately.






McDonald's Fries

McDonald's Fries


McDonald’s: These Fries are world renowned, thin crispy and very flavoursome, these are an all time fast food classic. they are served with a touch of salt, allowing maximum flavour. these really are great and a regular fries (bigger than KFC regular) only has 330kcal, more than KFC but, its a bigger portion!







BK Fries

BK Fries

Burger King: Similar to McDonald’s these fries are thin and very tasty. in Burger King, they seem to cook their fries for slightly longer, giving them the extra crunchyness on the outside, which is always appreciated. Again served with a touch of salt added during the frying process.  A regular fries here has 291 Kcal, with portions sized similarly to McDonald’s.



So it Looks like KFC have the healthiest (or smallest) fries, with the tastiest fries probably coming from McDonald’s or Burger King. But maybe I’m wrong, post your views below and make sure you vote so this can be settled once and for all.

Which are the nicest Fries?

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One Response to Battle of the Fries…

  1. Jeremy says:

    There are seriously people in the UK that LIKE burger king fries? Everywhere else in the world BK fries are great, but here they seem to fry up some bland cardboard and serve it to you with your 8 quid burger. I really like BK burgers but never go here as they are so gross. Truly astonished people would rate them over any other fries anywhere.

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