What Is The Perfect Chicken Wing?

The chicken wing is the cornerstone of fast food, simple, tasty and usually very cheap, but what is the best type of chicken wing and where can we get them?  The first thing most people would think is KFC, but really 2 for £1 just isn’t acceptable, though they may be some pretty good wings, crispy on the outside, spicy and tender all at the same time, I am personally more of a fan of 4 for 99p, the type of wings that you can get from Sams chicken for example.

In modern times we have such a great variety of wings to choose from, fried, peri-peri, barbecue, etc. Comment here on where you have had the best chicken wings, or upload a picture with the form on the side. Let the world know where to get the best wings!


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  1. Jay says:

    All about 4 for £1 at sams

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