Coolest McDonald’s Ever…

You wouldn’t guess it, In fact, you would barely even believe it, but this intricate and futuristic design is in fact a McDonald’s restaurant! This branch in particular is located in Batumi, Georgia (USA).

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Cool McDonald's

Cool McDonald's In Georgia

Built by the KHMALADZE Architects group, it’s initial purpose was to be a Hybrid car filling station and restaurant, but ended up just as a McDonald’s.

McDonald’s often get a lot of bad press for the content of their food, but perhaps impressive architecture like this could help them to restore a more respectable image? I personally would feel a lot more inclined to sit and eat in a McDonald’s that was such a pleasant eating environment, sloping gardens, pools and an entirely glass exterior. A bit out of place for a McDonald’s maybe? but I still think it is a very nice touch and if I ever find myself in Batumi, I’ll endeavour to pay it a visit.

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What do you guys think, is it worth McDonald’s spending the time, money and effort on fancy restaurants, or should they just stick to their formula of tasty food at low prices?

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