New Crisscuts at McDonald’s

Price: £1.49

Contains: 1 regular portion of Crisscuts

Calories: 295 Kcal

Availability: Until June 2012

As part of their “Great Tastes Of America” promotion, as well as the weekly burgers, new Crisscuts have been introduced. They are essentially, crispy potato wedges cut into a waffle shape, but smaller. Crisscuts are served with a sour cream and chive dip (the same one we got with potato wedges). All in all though they are really quite nice, the crispier ones are better (as always), but they all have a pretty great taste and are a good change from fries. With a light seasoning and a crispy feel, for £1.49 they make a nice addition to a meal, or their a nice snack if you don’t want to eat too much.

Though its a shame that we don’t get a new dip with this side, and a little lazy on McDonalds’ side, they still add a bit of needed variety to the sides menu and although they’re not amazing, Crisscuts are definitely worth a try, especially as they will leave with the rest of the promotion in a few weeks time!

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