Double Down In The UK…
Double Down
The Bunless KFC Burger

The infamous Double Down, from KFC as a wonderful combination of; 2 original recipe (or grilled) boneless fillets, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 slices of Monterey Jack and Pepper Jack cheese, melted of course, and naturally the colonel’s sauce, that’s right, no bread at all . This is a truly impressive piece of fast food, that is sadly only available in the USA.

I was personally lucky enough to try this Burger whilst briefly in New York, the chicken was as juicy and tender as you would want, with the crispy american bacon blending with the variety of cheeses, but there is no disappointing bread underneath, just another perfect piece of chicken. I strongly advise anyone who is in the USA to try at least one of these.

The “nutritional” breakdown of this burger is interesting, the fried original recipe sandwich has 540Kcal, the grilled one with 460. this isn’t too bead, which makes it almost difficult to believe, less calories than a big mac (490), really? with 2 chicken fillets and bacon…

Nevertheless, this sandwich was an undeniable success in America, selling around 10 million sandwiches in the first 3 months in the US, accounting for roughly 5% of KFC’s overall sales. It had similar success in Canada selling 350,000 sandwiches in 10 days.

All this wonderful information leaves me asking one almighty question, why on earth can we not get this delight of a sandwich in the UK? we all know its bad for you, fatty, salty, and all too likely to leave your stomach hurting shortly after, but it is magnificent whilst you eat it, fairly cheap, very filling and tastes undeniably good, just as you would expect from fast food. It is plain to see that it is no more unhealthy than your average meal in the commercial outlets, so why? is it not right for the British audience? If this is the case, I strongly disagree.

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