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Fast Food Facts…


  1. The concept of fast food can be traced back to Ancient Rome, where there were stands selling bread and wine… Pretty similar to pretzels and beer huh?
  2. Americans spend $100 billion on fast food every year, this has increased from $3 billion in 1972. This may explain the deficit.
  3. McDonald’s serves approximately 1% of the world every day, with their 33,000 stores! Sort of explains the next fact.
  4. McDonald’s serve approximately 9 million pounds of fries each day!
  5. It would take a brisk 6 hour walk to burn off a large Big Mac meal.
  6. The fast Food industry spent $4.2 million on advertising in 2009.
  7. The average Fast Food outlet will mark up drinks 1200% and food 500%. So now we know why they are everywhere!
  8. In 2010 Burger King turned over $2.5 billion, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell finished on $11.3 billion, but McDonald’s topped it with an impressive $23 billion!
  9. In recent surveys here in the UK 14% of us eat Fast Food every week. The USA have a surprisingly low 35%, Hong Kong was the highest with 61%. Surveys can be deceiving though.
  10. A Whitecastle chocolate shake has 1680 calories, this is more than the average daily calorie intake of The Congo (1500).
  11. When McDonald’s opened in Kuwait, the queue of cars was 7 miles long!
  12. When France refused to join the US lead coalition in Iraq, French Fries in popular tourists spots such as the Statue of liberty were renamed “Freedom Fries”.
  13. By the year 2000 96% of Americans had visited McDonald’s at least once, so if we add in KFC and Burger King etc, it must be practically 100%.
  14. 2/3 of Fast food workers in the US are under 20 years old, this is the same in most countries with an average staff turnover rate of  300-400% per year.
  15. Cup holders in Cars only became a standard feature after the rise of Drive-Thru’s in the 1990’s.
  16. The first located and printed reference to Hamburgers was in the LA times in 1894.
  17. Colonel Sanders (founder of KFC) was never in the military, he gained his title in 1936, by being made an honorary Colonel.
  18. The first burger chain was White Castle, in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921 then McDonald’s followed suit in 1948.
  19. Some menu items do not take off! McFalafel was proposed in 2011 for McDonald’s Israel however, it didn’t sell. Israelis said they don’t need McDonald’s to make Falafel as they have their own places which do it better!
  20. Weddings have taken place in a Taco Bell in the USA and in McDonald’s here in the UK; in 2002  Judy Foulkes and Andrew Smith had a 33 person wedding reception there!

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