Fast Food Tips – Make the Most of Your Meal

Here we are attempting to build a list of top Fast Food tips, to save money, get more food, or some little extras. If you know something, be sure to post it in the comments section!

Fast Food Tips…


  • Show a student card when buying a meal in McDonald’s to receive a free Hamburger, Cheeseburger or McFlurry.
  • In KFC if you don’t want a side, ask for extra chips and they usually give you an entire extra portion!
  • Build a friendship with staff. This is a great thing to do, if you are polite and make in staff at most fast food outlets, especially ones you go to regularly, they always look after you, be it free food, larger portions or money off. Always worth making an extra bit of effort.
  • In Subway always take a cup, rather than a bottled drink, that way it is refillable and you aren’t stuck with one drink!
  • If you have a registered Subway Subcard, you can redeem a free cookie on your birthday!
  • Get a complimentary slice of cake at TGI Fridays on your birthday.
  • Always order Dominos Pizza on Tuesdays to take advantage of their buy one pizza get one free, Two for Tuesdays offer. (Just incase any of you have been living under a rock the past year or so)
  • Many chicken shops are keen to get rid of the remaining chicken at closing time (if there is any). If you go at this time, its always possible to strike up some kind of deal for what they have left!
  • Often When large pizza companies deliver particularly late, or get an order wrong, if you kick up a bit of a fuss, you get money off or a pizza completely free! I have seen this work a couple of times, and it is worth a try.
  • Get the King of The Day at Burger King, it is so much cheaper than a normal burger and there is a nice on every day!

Please share any tips you have!

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