French Fry Frenzy In The Far East

Well, it seems that Asia has gone slightly French Fry crazy. So called “Potato Parties” have been occurring across McDonald’s branches in Japan, due to the low price of fries. This basically involves a group of students going to McDonald’s ordering a huge amount of fries and staying their until they have all been eaten…Sounds fun.

However reports say that it irritates the staff as they have to spend so long preparing all the fries, they cannot take other customers orders. One Japanese news report said that a group had ordered 60 portions of fries at their “Potato Party”.

This group in South Korea, decided to jump on the band wagon and throw their own Potato Party.

Potato Party

Potato Party

What you see above, is $250 worth of French Fries, these kids apparently bought so many because of a sale…The strangest thing is though; there isn’t a drop of ketchup or barbecue sauce in sight!

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One Response to French Fry Frenzy In The Far East

  1. Mike says:

    Wouldn’t like to see the cost of that in the UK. At £1.09 for a regular fries, that’s generally only HALF filled… I think I need to contact my Bank Manager.

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