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When you think of healthy meals, the last thing that tends to come to mind is a fast food restaurant. In fact, the majority of time, quick meals that you can just pick up and run with tend to lack on a nutritional standpoint. That does not mean you should sacrifice your health for some fast food though! Your health is important; so I have brought together a collection of fast food places that emphasize healthiness and nutrition along with still serving in convenience.


There used to be significant debates between grilled and fried foods, but these days most people can generally agree that not only do you retain more taste, but you create less fatty foods by grilling it. And that is where Nando’s, a well-known British food chain, comes in. They are devoted to grilled chicken and other meals that can be stoked over the fire. My particular favorite is the corn on the cob, but you will find burgers, wraps, salads and plenty more here. They manage to stay cheap while also providing even vegetarians a meal they can enjoy.


Smoothies and Salads can often become a staple meal for those trying to stay healthy, and for the occasions when you might actually want one that you did not have to make yourself, there is Pure. This is a restaurant that focuses on salads, wraps and fruit, which is why they have some of the best smoothies. They also sport strawberries with their brownies, but I would suggest avoiding too many of those. Trust me; the fruit does not counteract the chocolate.


If you are looking for more exotic fare instead, then a Japanese restaurant with a swing for providing vegetarian menus might be perfect for you. Itsu can often be seen all over London and many parts of Britain, and they focus on sushi for the most part. The variety is extensive and it is not that bad for sushi that is generally pre-packaged by the time you see it, especially for the prices. You can even go to their site and see all the nutrition facts for everything they produce. Also I highly recommend going with their edamame, it is a great alternative to popcorn, chips, crisps and other less than healthy finger snacks.


If sushi is not quite exotic enough, Pod offers quite the collection of flavours from India and Vietnam. Or maybe you would like to try one of their detox meals, or the suppers they offer to those who work-out in a gym. They also happen to have menu items for those that need a gluten-free alternative. But my most favourite and the one that people always find bizarre, is the kelp noodles they supply, which is actually something unique to them in most of Britain. It does not end there either; Pod is one of the most eco-friendly fast food chains I have seen. They even use recycled paper for their napkins and encourage their customers to recycle anything they sell.


A simple name that explains all that is needed. Eat is all about providing both a healthy and balanced meal, and if you go with their Hot Pots you will also be able to take that meal with you. They also have a variety of choices for vegans and vegetarians, which are more than just your base suppers of some vegetables. Just be careful you do not get too drawn in to their dessert menu, it may be healthier than other choices, but it does add up. If you must, go for their yoghurts.

These are just a few choices, and generally the most known of fast food restaurants. If by any means you have a few more to provide, I would love to see your comments below.

Stay Healthy!

Jessie Henton is an avid blogger and foodie, enjoying all manner of cuisines with a particular fondness for Italian and Japanese food. She currently writes about the best restaurants in Glasgow.

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