User Post: Top 5 Best Indian Restaurants London

If you are a food fan then you are assured to love the intricate, exciting and memorable taste of Indian food. After all, it is the most popular international cuisine in the UK for a reason. Thus, if you are visiting London anytime soon or live in the area, you should certainly consider visiting one of the following five top Indian restaurants in London…

Masala Zone

There are not many places which offer such a fantastic dining experience as the Masala Zone does at such an affordable price. The restaurant ensures that all of its food is sourced from genuine locations and that their regional chefs prepare each dish with the love and care that it deserves. A lot of people worry that when they go for a restaurant which is sensibly priced that they will end up eating curry house food. There is no risk of that happening here as all dishes are authentic and full of fresh flavour. Moreover, the atmosphere in the restaurant is simply delightful.

The Painted Heron

Located in Chelsea, The Painted Heron offers a modern twist on Indian cuisine. The dishes on offer range from Partridge Vindaloo, to Spicy Indian Ocean Black Tiger Prawns & Scallops Curry with Spinach Casserole, to Venison Koftas in Super Hot Curry with “Naga Chillies”.  Thus you can see how the dishes are both unique and exciting. The restaurant itself boasts a clean, classic and sophisticated look which adds to the experience.


When a restaurant boasts a Michelin star, as Amaya does, then you know it is one of the top Indian restaurants in London. Amaya offers a contemporary take on Indian cuisine as it is all foods which have been cooked on the grill. Thus you will get to experience some delicious marinades. Moreover, instead of ordering one main course, there are lots of little dishes delivered to the table as they are cooked.

The Cinnamon Club

What is so unique about this restaurant is its location. The restaurant can be found in the building which used to be the Westminster Library. This creates an elegant, traditional and quaint environment which is simply fantastic. The Cinnamon Club offers a fantastic array of wines to go with their dishes as well. Simply ask one of the waiters which wine would be best for the meal that you are having and they will be happy to provide you with their expert advice.


MotiMahal offers an array of unique and innovative dishes which you will not find anywhere else, such as MurgMakhani. The restaurant itself boasts a fantastic ambience and beautiful interior. Moreover, not only is the food delicious, but so too is the way in which it is presented. Some of the most popular dishes include Degchi Ka Khargosh – rabbit marinated over night with fried chillies and garlic and cooked with brown onions and yoghurt, and Jhol – tiger prawn simmered in a coriander and cumin sauce.

So there you have it; the five top Indian restaurants in London, which one will you visit?

About Author : Noemi Teitelbaum is a London based food journalist. He loves to spend his leisure time by blogging about the top Indian restaurants in London. He is presently working for Masala Zone.

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