Worlds Largest KFC

Baku, Azerbaijan, is the home to the worlds largest KFC. This palace of a building is possibly one of the most intricately designed locations in which one can buy fried chicken!

World's Largest KFC

This 1600 square foot complex was built in 1926 by architect N.G. Bayev. Formerly a station in the Soviet Unions first electrified railway in 1924, it now performs an equally crucial role in society, providing quality chicken to the grateful people of Baku.

It is reported that the company from Azerbaijan invested €3 million to restore the old station and convert it into a KFC. The restaurant can now seat 300 customers and is expected to sell 1.5 million meal every year! it is officially the largest KFC out of all 18,000 branches worldwide.

inside largest kfc

Inside The World's Largest KFC

Along with its size, this KFC has some other unique charms to it. as you can see it is a very beautiful building, retaining many original parts of it, including the cathedral ceilings and some very intricate paint work.

A grand building for some grand food, but one cannot help but think that all the KFC signs are somewhat out of place sitting on the outside of such a historical building. Quite the opposite of the modern fast food developments we are used to in the UK and US. In my opinion it is very quirky and it would be great to enjoy lunch in a setting like that, however I just can’t quite see many of London’s impressive buildings taking this same path…

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