KFC Finally Set To Improve Fries!

KFC appear to have finally realised that their fries just weren’t cutting it!

That’s right, its no secret that KFC have been lagging behind in the fries department for some time; as we established in battle of the fries. Now however, they are even admitting it, a simple trip to www.kfc.co.uk will take you to a page where you can vote on whether or not you think that KFC should investigate improving their fries.

KFC Fries

KFC Fries

I urge you all to visit their site and vote yes! prices at KFC are going up, and with great chicken, you can kind of forgive this, but the fries have always been bland and unsatisfying in my opinion. If anything, they could learn a thing or two from the recipes used by their close competitors at Burger King and McDonald’s…


Until further notice however, we are stuck with the same disappointing potato side at KFC. Remember to go and vote for change and leave your thoughts below!

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12 Responses to KFC Finally Set To Improve Fries!

  1. Adam Marshall says:

    Oh Great thanks! now they have actually changed them they are awful! they’re thin, skinny and crispy. Its like eating shiter McDonalds fries. The ones they served were nice in alot of peoples view. Sadly ONLY the people looking to change them would have been looking to vote, skewing all the results. I’ve only looked now because i’ve realised they’ve changed and gone on the internet, finding stuff like this.

    Thanks alot. Now everywhere we go we get the exact same shitty, skinny, crispy fries.

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  2. Philip says:

    Urgh, these new KFC fries are rubbish. Why have they tried to coy mcD’s? I went to KFC for a different experience. Thanks a bunch…

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  3. Adam says:

    Tried the new fries today. What a disappointed. At least the old fries tasted like potato. The new ones are pale, skinny and tasteless. How am I supposed to eat my KFC gravy with these new skinny fries :'(

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  4. Carly says:

    Yeah I agree the new fries are shite! It’s like dipping thin air into the gravy!

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  5. Richard says:

    Exactly! The old fries were more of a chip. A little thicker cut, fluffy with a nice flavour to them. In a service station they would tip it in KFCs favour. I had the new fried yesterday and they were too thin, bland and really unsatisfying. I love me Zinger and chips and it ruined the whole experience. KFC you suck.

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  6. Eve says:

    I hate them too! I initially thought that maybe my local had run out of chips and borrowed them from the McDs next door – no such luck – they’re even worse than McDs! I loved that they had proper chips before, that you could taste and dip properly into mayo. These are just tasteless matchsticks. I too loved my Zinger and fries, but will just be buying the Zinger from now on…

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  7. peter says:

    Bring back the original ones these are shite just like the crapdonald ones!!!

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    • Alex Atkin says:

      I don’t mind the McDonalds ones, but the KFC ones were always my favourite – not any more.

      Like others have said, they are tasteless and dry, so you can’t even get the salt to stick to them to add SOME flavour.

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  8. Joseph Guest Bed says:

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  9. Malcolm says:

    Never liked KFC fries old or new. Always have pot mash when abroad.

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  10. Dominic says:

    I think the new fries are awful. After years of bemoaning the lack of chicken gravy in southern KFCs, I was pleased in recent years to see it freely available. Now with the new fries there is no point. The new fries are skinny and virtually have no potato in them. I no longer want to eat there anymore. A fluffy fry dipped in gravy was the perfect accompaniment to a variety meal. No longer. RIP KFC.

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