McDonald’s Big Tasty Review
McDonald's Big Tasty Review, 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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The Facts

Price: £3.99 (burger only) £4.39(with bacon) £5.89(medium Meal)

Contains: 1 Big Tasty burger

Calories: With bacon: 890 Kcal. Without bacon: 835Kcal

Availability: until end October 2012

It’s big, It’s tasty, It’s back. That’s right, it is that time of year again, where the McDonald’s promotional burger is an all time classic. The McDonald’s Big Tasty… But What is it Like?

When I ordered this burger the first thing to take my attention (after the high price), was the sheer size of this menu item, about double the size of a normal cheeseburger, I was pretty pleased with this after a patient 4 minute wait at the counter. I know what your all asking though, how does it taste?

Big Tasty

Not too far off the advert...


Well to answer that question, lets first see what the McDonald’s Big Tasty is comprised of. The key ingredient in this is the huge 100% beef patty, even bigger than the “M” burger, Onions, Lettuce, tomato, cheese slices made with emmental (not actual emmental though), the option of some sliced bacon and of course, big tasty sauce! I opted for the with bacon option, of course, and I was pretty impressed. The 100% beef patty has that extra beefy taste, that we only seem to get in the promotional burgers. I was very pleased to see just how juicy the beef patty was, dripping with meaty goodness, I mean, its not quite a GBK beef patty, but its certainly better than their average. The bacon is as usual a nice addition to any burger, it complements all the flavours nicely. However, there are some issues that i just cannot leave unmentioned. This apart from the “Big Tasty Sauce”, which is not that easy to detect, is exactly the same as the “M” burger, the Cheese and Bacon striker and the Festive Deluxe. Now I am not saying that these aren’t all very tasty burgers, I’m simply saying that they all have the same ingredients apart from a slightly different bread cheese and sauce. In my opinion, this is pretty lazy from McDonald’s, we want a slightly more unique beef option, something that is a bit more unfamiliar. if KFC could do it with the Nacho Stacker (a great success might I add), then McDonald’s have no excuse!


Up Close with the Big Tasty

Up Close with the Big Tasty

Value, is a bit of a grey area for this burger. Yes, it is the most expensive burger on their menu at £3.99 and it is a real shame that you can’t get this burger with just a fiver but as I mentioned before, it is significantly bigger than most of the burgers we see at McDonald’s and anyone who can eat a large Big Tasty meal and a free cheeseburger, is more of a man than I am. This issue with value that we see in fast food doesn’t seem to be improving, we soon may have to accept that food prices are just higher nowadays. Nevertheless I will always give low ratings to Fast Food restaurants who insist on over charging us!


Health was never going to be a strong point for this burger. Though I didn’t think it would be this weak. The Big Tasty with Bacon has 890 Kcal, this is 400 Kcal more than a Big Mac. This really is worrying, anything that makes a Big Mac look slimming, is a seriously calorific burger. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t end there, we also have 3.4g of salt to contend with and 22g of saturated fat, yep 22g, 100% of a Woman’s GDA. We all know how unhealthy fast food can be, but a large Big Tasty with Bacon meal, is really a little too close to our daily calorie limit at 1350 Kcal, meaning that if you get dessert and a free cheeseburger you would easily break the 2000 barrier. However, what did we expect, as long as we don’t eat this often, and I really mean that this time, it should be OK, but if you have a weak stomach, maybe this isn’t the burger for you…

Overall we have a very large, pretty good tasting burger, Yes it does copy its predecessors a little too much and it is possibly even trying to kill us slowly, but what we cannot take away from it, Is that the Big Tasty is a Fast Food veteran pleasing hungry passers by for generations. It does have a simple formula, but it is undeniably effective!


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