McDonalds Great Tastes of America 2014

A guide to McDonalds Great Tastes of America 2014, week by week.

After the craziness of McDonald’s monopoly fortunes has ended, the people at McDonalds have once again brought us back to their stores for the Great Tastes of America 2014. Featuring 5 new exciting burgers, with some link (albeit somewhat tenuous) to an American City. Lets have a look at what is on offer! all burgers are available in a meal from £5,29.

Week 1: 30th April – 6th May

mcdonalds Chicago Supreme

Chicago Supreme: The first offering from the Great Tastes of America. 100% beef patty, bacon, cheese, slices of onion, tomato salsa, mayo and lettuce finished with a chilli, chive and sesame-topped bun. Sounds great, but I don’t really see the link to Chicago… This is the lightest of the beef selection at 650Kcal.


Week 2: 7th May – 13th May

mcdonalds Nevada Grande

Nevada Grande: 100% beef patty, chilli mayo, crispy onions, shredded lettuce, cheese and a sweet tomato sauce, all served in a chilli-topped lattice bun. All of this weighs in at 725Kcal. Another promising looking promotional burger, but it is somewhat similar to the Chicago supreme, minus some bacon and spice.


Week 3: 14th May – 20th May

mcdonalds Texas BBQ

Texas BBQ: 100% beef patty, bacon, sticky BBQ sauce, crispy onions, shredded lettuce and cheese in a simply delicious sesame-topped bun. This addition looks to be a personal favourite of mine, barbecue and bacon, and beef, the trio of magic B’s. And with Texas being known for its grilling prouesse, there is a genuine link to the USA here, which is nice… This is a mid-weight burger at 665Kcal.


Week 4: 21st May – 27th May

mcdonalds New York Classic

New York Classic: 100% beef patty, bacon, sticky BBQ sauce, crispy onions, shredded lettuce and cheese in a sesame-topped bun. An undeniably great sounding burger, but also undeniably similar to its other american counterparts, sounds like a cross between the Texas BBQ and the Chicago supreme. all comes to a “Healthy”, and I use that term loosely 665 Kcal.


Week 5: 28th May – 3rd June 

mcdonalds Memphis Special

Memphis Special: 100% beef patty, shredded lettuce, cheese, coleslaw and  BBQ sauce, brought together in a chilli-topped bun. This again has a souther BBQ flavour but I think we can all agree it doesn’t stand out particularly. This burger comes to 675 Kcal.



Available Until 3rd June

The following items are available throughout the whole great Tastes of America promotion.

mcdonalds Louisiana Chicken

Louisiana Chicken: The chicken option is available throughout this time round. It is a succulent Chicken breast fillet, bacon, lettuce, cheese, mayo and BBQ sauce. chicken and bacon is a proven flawless combination and comes in at 650 Kcal.



mcdonalds Crisscuts

Crisscuts: A nice alternative to fries that we have seen before, always a great change and a strong flavour, the dip is also a great addition, that should always be available. Crispy coated potato Crisscuts served with a sour cream and chive dip. These come in at 325Kcal and cost around £1.69.


As well as all this there are also, of course, some new McFlurry’s available. The typically american; chocolate fudge brownie and Raspberry & Chocolate brownie McFlurry will both be gracing a McDonald’s near you.

Great Tastes of America is always a great promotion with some classic flavours and 2014 is no change, I’m sure we can forgive their lack of originality with the burgers once we taste them! Remember to leave your thoughts below!

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