Closer Look: Burger King Fusions
Closer Look: Burger King Fusions, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Burger King FusionPrice: £1.19

Contains: 1 BK Fusion ice cream

Calories: 339Kcal

Availability: Always available (promotional flavours only temporary)


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BK Fusions are the McFlurry of Burger King world. Available for just £1.19, Burger King Fusions are a pretty tasty little desert option from BK.

Fusions are available in 2 Flavours, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Fudge, and, for a limited time Jaffa Cakes flavour. Overall they are essentially the same as a McFlurry.  Small-ish pots of ice cream, mixed with some kind of sauce and a little crunchy something in there too! When I tried these, I had the Strawberry cheesecake one just a couple of days ago, they claim to put real pieces of strawberry cheesecake in their to make it taste so great, but I’m not convinced, they were more like the crunchy side of a Muller corner. But is that a bad thing?

BK Fusion ad

How it should look

Burger King also claim to use “real dairy Ice Cream” in their fusions. At first I, again, wasn’t convinced, however after eating a few more spoon-full’s I was beginning to realise that it definitely did have more of a genuine ice cream taste to it! And I stand by this, there is a real dairy Ice Cream taste with these Burger King Fusions and it really does help to place them just that step higher, in terms of quality, than the McFlurry!

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