Closer Look: Starburst Milkshake
Closer Look: Starburst Milkshake , 3.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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Rating: 3.8/5 (2 votes cast)
Starburst Milkshake

Starburst Milkshake

Price: £1.79 (medium) £2.19 (large) or 40p extra to get with meal

Contains: 1 Starburst Milkshake (mixed berry flavour)

Calories: 380 Kcal (medium) 485Kcal (large)

Availability: Summer 2012

The Starburst Milkshake is a new addition to the McDonald’s menu as part of a summer promotion. The medium Shake is available for just £1.79.

This Shake is Strawberry and Blackcurrant Starburst flavour, note that strawberry and blackcurrant Starburst, is different to strawberry and blackcurrant.

When I first tried this Milkshake I was so impressed, it was bursting with flavour, it actually tasted great; fruity, thick and refreshing all at once. However, I then made a mistake, I continued drinking. Why is this a mistake? you may be asking, I did just say it was flavoursome and refreshing. The catch with this drink is as follows: It is good for the first 3-5 sips, it then loses its flavour and becomes another, fairly bland McDonald’s Milkshake. After the first 5 sips, it is a struggle to even tell that it was anything other than vanilla, which is a real shame.

A medium shake has 380 Kcal and 7g of Fat, this is a pretty unforgiving drink, which has about 1/6 of our GDA of calories, but as usual, the occasional one doesn’t hurt, and it should be occasional because as we all know, McDonald’s milkshakes are not the most thirst-quenching of drinks

The Shake

The Shake

I recommend trying this shake nevertheless, the first 5 sips are genuinely worth it, and maybe you will be luckier than me, perhaps your shake will last a few sips longer. But, who drinks a whole McDonald’s milkshake anyway? it is good at first and then a little disappointing, though this is true for a lot of sweet products at McDonald’s so I can barely complain.

Milkshakes are also available in Vanilla, Banana,  Strawberry and Chocolate all year round!

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2 Responses to Closer Look: Starburst Milkshake

  1. Jane Hendon says:

    Say, you got a nice article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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  2. Mike says:

    £1.79 and £2.19 for a MILKSHAKE?! This is why I don’t go to McDonalds… I mean this is just Blatent rip off… just for some poor guy/girl busting their arses on minimum wage so that Ronald can rake in the billions of profits…

    Fast food is just ridiculous… I mean, a meal in McDonalds now for a Large? Is like… £5 or around that? It consists of a BIG MAC!? Flat Mac I’d rather call it. I mean, seriously. It consists of 3 peices of bread that are barely worthy of being called “baps”. Two thin burgers, a splutter of lettuce along with some other random misc stuff and TWO slices of Girkin, if you’re lucky. Then the Large Fries barely work out any better than a regular, as especially in the MAJORITY of the mcdonalds I’ve been in… they Squash the fry packet before loading it with a few fries and then dumping it in your bag. So when you do get to dig in to them they’re half empty! The drinks too end up “below the line”. I mean, all of that for £5? It’s just disgusting, then to say the meal doesn’t even fill anyone up that I know of…

    Whereas I can go to a carvery, or a local pub / restuarant and generally get a fully COOKED meal, cooked specially not bulk-flipped and speed-slapped together. For £5.

    This is the reasons why I stay away from McDonalds – The food overtime has gotten disgusting, especially the fries. Taste wise, as for quantity for price, definitely got unbelievably outrageous. Now they charge £1.79 and £2.19 for a MILKSHAKE!? What’s it cost them? 5p? 10p? + minimum wage for 2-3 minutes for the guy to “process” it? Even with upkeep costs, and whatever else, advertising and EVERY cost you could think of… the markup on that milkshake has to be 400%. Probably costs less than 50p considering every aspect/cost.

    So yeah… that’s my reply about this “Milkshake”. It ain’t bringing me to the yard.

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