KFC All Stars Box

The latest product release from KFC is an interesting one, the All Stars Box. This article will provide a brief overview of this new addition to the “streetwise” menu.

allstars boxThe Facts

Price: £2.99

Contains: 1 small fries, 1 small popcorn chicken, 1 BBQ/Flamin’ Wrap

Calories: 740 Kcal


So KFC have released another item that we can buy without parting with more than a fiver, which is always a good thing.  The All stars box is a collection of great KFC classics, put into a small meal for just £3.

The All Stars box is a nice new combination of items, its not quite as large as a full meal, but it still includes; a small portion of fries, a small popcorn chicken and either a BBQ wrap or a Flamin’ wrap. We have calculated that the All stars box is a saving of around 70p from buying each of these items individually.

I have complained several times before that KFC don’t have enough options that are worthwhile for under £5, the snack box and lunch box combo was a decent starting point, but they just didn’t have enough variety or chicken. The All Stars box is another cheaper option, for when we are just passing by and don’t want a whole meal, I think this is good work from KFC… Remember to leave your comments below and join the conversation on our forum!


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  1. Aluachou says:

    It is delicious

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