Champions Menu at McDonald’s
Striker Burger from Champions menu

Striker Burger from Champions menu

As part of their role as official Euro 2012 sponsors, McDonald’s have released a special “champions” menu, a name intended to get us in a sporting mood, whilst in McDonald’s… Nevertheless it adds some interesting new items to the menu.

The main feature of this menu is the Cheese and Bacon Striker. A vintage McDonalds 100% beef patty (assuming we believe them), with Emmental cheese, bacon, lettuce and a new cheese sauce. This is priced at £5.49, quite a lot, but this is their current promotional meal. it has 815Kcal and 42g of fat, we must remember that this is a pretty big burger. Full review here

Striker burger

Striker burger up close

Next is the Chicken Maestro, again, appropriately named, this is a crispy chicken breast fillet (the same one in the sweet chilli chicken deli), lettuce tomato, garlic and herb sauce with a herb coated bun. This meal will cost £5,29, for the same reasons. The Maestro has a somewhat more forgiving 580kcal and 26g of fat.

The final addition to the menu is Onion rings, for £1.49, we get a portion of onion rings, a nice option for a side, and a replacement for the potato crisscuts.

Full reviews and features on these individual items coming soon!

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