KFC Cajun Boxmaster Review

The Facts

cajun boxmaster rating

Price: £3.79(Boxmaster only) £4.79 (meal)

Contains: 1 Cajun boxmaster wrap, meal with fries and drink.

Calories: 558 (boxmaster only) 810 (meal)

Availability: TBC

So here we have the Cajun Boxmaster! “the most satisfying lunch this side of Louisiana” according to KFC. This is a welcome bit of variation to the KFC menu, with the wrap and cajun sauce, it stands out somewhat. A pretty large wrap, with a unique taste, lets get into the details.


Well, this doesn’t really taste like anything else on the KFC menu, so well done to them on that front. What we have here is a grilled chicken fillet, a hash brown, cheese, lettuce, and the spicy tomato cajun sauce, all wrapped in a tortilla. This all adds up to what is a pretty large wrap. So is it any good? Well, it’s all right, nothing special, but the chicken works nicely with the cajun sauce, giving it that spicy feel again, and the cheese also compliments it well. However, its a grilled chicken fillet, it isn’t quite as tender as a fried one, and in most branches, they won’t swap it for you. My one complaint however, is the hash brown, it is deceiving, you think you have this beautiful, chicken filled wrap, when in actuality, it is as much hash brown as it is chicken! Other than that, its got a somewhat spicy, chickeny taste  and we don’t get bogged down in all the bread like normal burgers, so I recommend you give it a try!

Cajun Boxmaster

Cajun Boxmaster


Well, as we have established, it is £3.79 on its own, or £4.79 for a meal, this is the same pricing as the supercharger, so we have the same complaints, £3.79 is typical KFC, which we all know is too much for just one wrap, whilst it may look large, once you tuck in, you swiftly realise that, though it is satisfying, a meal is needed and the wrap alone is not enough. So, you pay £4,79, but with this meal, all you get is fries and a drink, no side, no chicken. Therefore, you pay only about 60p less than the other meals, but your left without a side or some wings. For this reason, and this reason alone, The Cajun Boxmaster cannot be purchased more than once, I will only ever be able to buy this, just to say I tried it. In my eyes, it makes no sense when a meal that will actually fill me up is only 60-70p more. (even if it does break the elusive £5 mark).


When it comes to health, a number of features of this wrap actually do quite well, firstly, no bread, secondly, its a grilled fillet…And it just about ends there, the Cajun boxmaster still manages to rack up 538 Calories, which, granted is still less than a Nacho Stacker, but it is still a pretty hefty amount, and with 50% of your days fat and salt, it doesn’t paint too pretty a picture.

So, this meal is probably not the most satisfying lunch this side of Louisiana, probably not by a long shot, but for something a little different and still pretty tasty, the Cajun Boxmaster isn’t bad at all!

Apologies for the poor quality of our photos, feel free to add your own…

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