Largest McDonald’s In The World Opening In London

With the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner, we thought we would see what this meant for the world of Fast Food. We were impressed to see news that the worlds largest McDonald’s will be opening in Stratford, east London.

Artists Impression Of Worlds Largest McDonald's

Artists Impression Of Worlds Largest McDonald's

The branch in question will, however, only be temporary open from the 27th July – 9th September, purely to feed hungry Olympic spectators, and with Usain Bolt’s dietary record, maybe some athletes too.

This McDonald’s will be over 3000 square metres, over 2 floors, more than half the size of an American Football pitch. The Mammoth store will be able to seat 1500 customers and is expected to have over 2000 members of staff employed over the 6 weeks. It is expected that over the course of the Olympics over 50,000 Big macs will be served along with a ridiculous 180,000 portions of fries.

Perhaps the most impressive feat is that this temporary McDonald’s will be constructed entirely from recyclable materials, meaning it can be seamlessly and cleanly removed after the games, not that we will ever want it to leave.

This is not the first time that McDonald’s have got in the Olympic spirit, they have been sponsors in 1984 and 1976. But their involvement goes way back to 1968 when they airlifted hamburgers to american athletes!

We look forward to seeing this record breaking McDonald’s in action in the coming weeks and we will be sure to give you some inside information. Remember to leave your views below.

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