Would You Like Statins With That?

Researchers at Imperial College London have suggested, that if fast food outlets offered cholesterol lowering drugs with meals purchased, it could offset the negative health effects of such food. It is suggested by Dr. Darrel Francis in the American Journal of cardiology that they could perhaps be offered with salt, pepper and other condiments to encourage customers to take them. Francis argues that they cost as little as 5p per customer, similar to a ketchup sachet, and though they are not miraculous health enhancing drugs, they should reduce the risk of a heart attack roughly as much as a burger and fries can increase the risk, definitely worth bearing in mind. It has been criticised however, as we people should not be encouraged to pop pills, they should probably be encouraged against unhealthy food altogether. However at the Fast Food Forum, we realise that fast food is here to stay and perhaps, this isn’t a bad idea.

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