McDonalds Monopoly 2014: Rare Pieces

Here we have an official List of the rare properties from McDonald’s Monopoly Prize Vault 2014. Each of these pieces are the rare one from their set, only a handful of each of these are in circulation, finding these is the key to winning a prize!

Brown –  Old Kent Road (50,000 Rare Stickers)

Light Blue –  Euston Road (30,000 Rare Stickers)

Purple –  Northumberland Avenue (1500 Rare Stickers)

Orange – Marlborough Street (1000 Rare Stickers)

Red – Strand (500 Rare Stickers)

Yellow – Coventry Street (40 Rare Stickers)

Green – Bond Street (15 Rare Stickers)

Dark Blue –  Mayfair (4 Rare Stickers)

Stations –  Liverpool St Station (850 Rare Stickers)

Remember that finding the other pieces really is nothing to shout about, finding Park Lane for example, doesn’t mean anything there are literally millions of the non-rare pieces. It is only these rare properties that have any value and stand you a chance of winning prizes.

Stand By for more McDonald’s Prize Vault Monopoly 2014 information and news! remember to leave your comments below!

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40 Responses to McDonalds Monopoly 2014: Rare Pieces

  1. Luke says:

    I don’t think Bow street is rare, I think it’s Marlborough street. Either that or I’ve won two weekend breaks!

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    • Fred says:

      Hi Luke, I’m willing to swap bow street for one of your Marlborough’s. Please get in touch if you’re interested!

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  2. Stormtrooper1967 says:

    Bow Street (Orange) is NOT a rare sticker. For this set its Marlborough Street. Please update.

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  3. Scott Christie says:

    Good to see my favourite fast food game is back as I did not go much last year as at the time I had gone off McDonald’s and it used to make me feel sick. Different this year though.

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  4. Chadd Hensley says:

    I have just won the MAYFAIR (Dark Blue) sticker
    Expires in the 30/05/2014
    I’m looking for the PARK LANE (Dark Blue) sticker and set a deal with the owner
    Contact on 07881 338311
    or e-mail at

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  5. Steve says:

    Getting a correct order at norwich airport branch is more rare than any monopoly sticker,three visits over the last 2 weeks and only one correct order,no thanks mcDonald’s no more,I will go to Burger King again and get what I ask for .

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  6. natasha says:

    I have park view… does anyone have mayfair?

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  7. tom johston says:

    Ive got a bunch of these and can’t claim them because of the employee prize rules and regulations, got a full set of orange and pink at the moment, if anyone fancies buy em or something give me message at:

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  8. John woolley says:

    How can you win 5 lots of £100,000 if only 4 Mayfair are in circulation. I think this is a bid poor on your behalf. Please explain.

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  9. Mark says:

    Does anyone know anyone who has ever got Park Lane and Mayfair?

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  10. James McDowell says:

    I’ve got 2 mayfair

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  11. ash JLSter says:

    printing out or writing down so i know which ones i have that are rares and then finding the non rares to go with them :)

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  12. Lee says:

    I have Bond Street and Liverpool station haha !

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  13. Conor Moran says:

    How can there only be 850 Liverpool St Stations if they are giving away 1,000 Xbox ones?! ASA would be interested in this…..

    1,000 Xbox ones – 850 stickers
    31,500 Headphones – 30,000 stickers
    2,000 buyagift vouchers – 1,500 stickers
    1,200 weekend breaks – 1,000 stickers
    20 Mini Coopers – 15 stickers
    5 x £100 k – 4 stickers?!

    How does that work then?!

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    • admin says:

      Where are you finding these figures, the above numbers are about the rare pieces, not the prizes. Some prizes may be available through instant win, but the list of rare stickers is correct!

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  14. Joshua says:

    If any1 has a May fair in cleethorpes plz comment on my comment

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  15. Colin O'Neill says:

    I have Park Lane if you have Mayfair. Let’s go half on the winnings :)

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  16. Tanyeli says:

    I need one of each colour and 1 station, ITS S ANNOYING!!!!

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  17. Ruth says:

    I need bond street or strand or marlborough street or northumberl’d avenue.

    Please if anyone has any these.
    I am willing to make a deal

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  18. Dylan o'connell says:

    What can I give u for Liverpool station

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  19. becky says:

    i know that there are only 7 more days left but i really need strand

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  20. Wayne Bound says:

    Hi Everyone

    I was in High Wycombe today with my family and my little boy has got the Mayfair sticker on her meal deal. We very rarely eat at McDonalds so if anyone has Park Lane would you like to do a deal and split the money. Obviously there are only four Mayfair stickers so it won’t be a 50/50 deal but willing to negotiate.

    Please contact me via my e mail or even better by phone.


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  21. Eren says:

    Hi there
    Someone please help I’m desperate for an xbox one I haven’t had 1 For ages and my mum don’t have money to buy me 1 all I need is liverpool street please someone be kind I can make deals for u contact me on 07713825865 Living in Dartford kent!!!!

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  22. Michael says:

    Willing to buy Liverpool street please email me

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  23. Scott says:

    I’ve got a park lane but is Mayfair the rare one of the two?? I’m praying I have the rare one fingers crossed!

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  24. Fara says:


    If anyone has Malborough Street I’d be really keen to swap please. I have a number of stickers to swap.

    Also I have Park Lane… if anyone has Mayfair I would be happy to offer a 10K to 90K split. How is a 50:50 split fair?? Mayfair is so rare! So any Mayfair sticker holders you get to keep 90% of the winning!

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  25. r . langlois says:

    I have the electric company and ready to share!!! 418-561-5598.

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