McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes

Yes, it’s that special time of year again, where we all visit McDonald’s a bit too often, Its Monopoly time! I think we can all agree, that this is the best promotion they do, where a meal at McDonald’s has the potential to earn you a free burger, or even £50,000!

We decided to give you a break down of all the information about this hallowed promotion here on Fast Food Forum; including what can be won, and which foods have the most stickers!

monopoly game board

Remember to get your game board from McDonald's and collect to win!

There are 3 ways to win prizes in this annual frenzy of generosity from the worlds leading fast food outlet…

Collect to Win: try to collect a complete set of property’s peeled from your McDonald’s food. e.g. all 3 of the green properties (bond street, oxford street and regent street). To win some great prizes (outlined below)

Guaranteed Win: For all the stickers that say “Enter Online” there are a range of prizes to be won, by entering your code online. You are guaranteed to at least win something!

Instant Win: Some of the stickers will give you an instant win prize, often some delicious McDonald’s food but there are also some far more valuable things to be won instantly.

This promotion is running from March 20th 2013 – May 14th 2013


Collect To Win

  • Blue set – £50,000 cash (8 available)
  • Green set – 2013 Honda Civic (15 available)
  • Yellow Set – Luxury Jamaican Holiday (50 available)
  • Red set – Panasonic 3D Tv (200 available)
  • Orange Set – Samsung Galaxy S3 (150 available)
  • Stations – Xbox 360 + Kinect (500 available)
  • Pink set – £100 voucher (800 available)
  • Light Blue set – weekend break at Best Western Hotel (1250 available)
  • Brown set – Urbanz headphones (50000 available)

Guaranteed Win (online)

  • Formula 1 Racing day (1 available)
  • Ipad (50 available)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (50 available)
  • Bean Bag (10 available)
  • Panasonic Digital Camera (200 available)
  • Ipod Nano (200 available)
  • £100 voucher for (25 available)
  • FA Community Shield Final Tickets (50 pairs available)
  • Ipod Docking station (1000 available)
  • £10 Cash (1000 available)
  • £10 voucher (1000 available)
  • Wrappz  phone case (500 available)
  • Cineworld tickets (10000 available)
  • Free music downloads (50000 available)
  • Free prints with snapfish (1 million available)
  • Mini Ninjas game (millions available)
  • £100 of a holiday (millions available)
  • 20% off best western hotels (millions available)
  • £20 off bean2bed  (millions available)
  • 20% off Raleigh bikes (millions available)
  • 20% off  (millions available)
  • 20% off EA  (millions available)
  • £5 off  (millions available)
  • 10% off  (millions available)

Instant Win

  • £50,000 cash (2 available)
  • 2013 Honda Civic (5 available)
  • Panasonic waterproof camcorder (200 available)
  • £250 online bike voucher for Raleigh (300 available)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (150 available)
  • Xbox 360 and Kinect (150 available)
  • £100 voucher (100 available)
  • HP mini Laptop (100 available)
  • Sim City PC game (2000 available)
  • 20% off Raleigh (millions available)
  • 20% off Best Western Hotels (millions available)
  • Free prints with snapfish (millions available)
  • £100 off luxury holiday (millions available)
  • 20% off (millions available)
  • Free McDonald’s Food!! (millions available)


In this section we will outline how many stickers are available and from which items, we’ll also show you the cheapest way to get the most stickers!

Get 2 stickers from: Medium soft drinks and Milkshakes, Medium Fries, Mozzarella Dippers, Chicken Selects, McFlurry, deli choices.

Get 3 stickers from: Large soft drinks and Milkshakes, Large Fries, Chicken Legend, Quarter Pounder deluxe (both types), premium salads.

So what are the best ways of getting a lot of stickers?

  • Large quarter pounder deluxe meal: 9 stickers: £5.39
  • Large extra value meal: 6 stickers: £4.79
  • Deli of the day meal: 6 stickers: £3.49
  • Medium Fries and medium drink: 4 stickers: £1.98

So that is just about all the important information you need about McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes!

Remember to share your thoughts here and on our forum! let us know if you win anything and where!

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40 Responses to McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes

  1. Rosie says:

    I’m so close to winning a smartphone a x box head phones 50 grand a car lol what am I going to do with a car. Sell it probably XD

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  2. ernie says:

    has any one got vine street and i will trade them for something they need

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  3. HappyGoGuy says:

    Hey guys, hope your luck is improving out there.

    I just want to ask for a few sticker request if at all any one has them.

    So, the stickers I would like to request is as follows;

    I have the following if there are people looking for…

    BOW ST.
    PALL MALL x2
    FLEET ST. x3

    Good luck everyone and thanks.

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  4. andy says:

    hi wanted
    coventry street and bond street
    but i have for swap n orthumberland
    bow street
    the angel islington
    park lane

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  5. James says:

    If anyone has Liverpool St Station can you please give it to me that is the last one I need.
    Reply to me on twitter @Syntheis
    If you have bb add 2A30D488
    And e-mail

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  6. blair says:

    I have a spare park lane, a spare marylebone station and a spare fenchurch st.station-
    if anyone has a spare mayfair (i wish), bond street, strand or liverpool st i would be one happy boy and be happy to share my spares.
    Thanks :)

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  7. ell says:

    I want BOND ST/STRAND/EUSTON ROAD.any want to trade

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  8. Smithy says:

    I have Fleet Street, Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall, Marlborough street and bow street to give a way nut M421 Is needed email me if i can help you or you can help i’m willing to split it 50/50 (If you have M421)

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  9. Gem says:

    Do the codes on the instant wins mean anything? I’ve tried to enter one on the site but it just says the code is wrong

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  10. steve says:

    Need m406,m410,m415,m419 I have marlyebone station x 2 park lane x3 malborough st x3 regent st x1 bow st x 2 fleet st x 1

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  11. keelan says:

    can i request:


    vine street,

    whitehall and


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  12. fatima says:

    how much does a large fries cost

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  13. G_B_Y says:

    I need MayFair
    Bond Street
    Coventry Street
    Liverpool station
    Vine street
    Euston road;

    I am happy with 50/50 or can help with exchange

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  14. phill says:

    you’re all idiots you all want the same places. there is one from each set that is limited. will show you which ones are. SO unless you get one of these stop waisting your time trying to swap them

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  15. James says:

    Anyone with Mayfair, Liverpool street station, I really need them, and I’m willing to trade Park Lane
    Please contact me via e-mail
    Reply ASAP

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  16. Desemona says:

    I have the following spare stickers:
    1. Pentonville Road x 5
    2. Regent Street x 7
    3. Northumberl’d Avenue x 2
    4. Trafalgar Square x 5
    5. Marlborough Street x 2
    6. Fleet Street x 3
    7. Leicester Square x 2
    8. The Angel Islington x 3
    9. Whitechapel Road x 4
    10. Pall Mall x 2
    11. Piccadilly x 2
    12. King Cross Station x 5
    13. Fenchurch Station x 4

    Need the ones listed below:
    1. Mayfair
    2. Liverpool street station
    3. Bond Street
    4. Coventry Street
    5. Strand
    6. Vine Street
    7. Whitehall
    8. Euston Road
    9. Old Kent Road

    I am also willing to buy Bond street if anyone has it but don’t need any of my spares.

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  17. ali says:

    what are the rules for the food tokens how many can be used at what time?

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  18. Steve says:

    Hi desemona, i will trade park lane for your bond street! E mail me at

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  19. Steve says:

    Sorry desemona i mis read and the ones i want from u are actually the ones u need as well.

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  20. lucy says:

    Has anyone got mayfair ,whitehall ,vine street , strand ,coventry street ,bond street , old kent road or euston road

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  21. adele says:

    i have got 515 tokens unused for sale on ebay have a look my ebay name is evedunne1

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  22. adele says:

    ^^^^^^^my email is^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  23. amar says:

    im looking to swap some monopoly stickers i have.

    i have–
    park lane
    oxford street
    regent street
    trafalgar square
    fleet street
    bow street
    northumberland avenue
    pall mall
    pentonville road
    angel islington

    what i need is–
    bond street
    euston road
    email me
    no posting, only collection.

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  24. Jason Griffiths says:

    WE JUST WON AN IPAD… whhoooohooooooo

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  25. Alwaysgood says:

    I need to trade Park Lan, Islington Angel with Bond street, which I need to win or share my two stickers with someone who has got bond street and thnak you, good luck to all of you, cheers, my email address is

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  26. dale says:

    does anyone have

    Mayfair 421
    bond street 419
    Liverpool st station 425

    send me the codes to me thanks

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  27. naz says:

    if anyone has strand can u give me the code please i will give you the code to any you want only if you have strand though

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