McDonald’s New York Classic

The New York Classic is the final burger of McDonald’s Great Tastes of America promotion, so what has been chosen to represent a city with a brilliant and diverse culture of food?

New York Classic

New York Classic

The Facts

Price: medium meal; £5.29, add 50p for large

Availability: until 6th June 2013

Calories: 700Kcal


The New York Classic is another packed full of flavour and ingredients, but surprise, surprise, it’s pretty similar to the previous Great Tastes of America we have seen. Firstly, the ingredients are sandwiched within a chilli, chive and sesame topped bun, the 100% beef patty is surrounded by red onion, lettuce, cheese, bacon, mustard, ketchup and cool Mayo.

The NY classic is a pretty good representation of some vintage foods from the big apple, mustard, bacon and red onion are all some great ingredients that give this burger that little bit of an extra kick that we don’t often see from McDonald’s.

Personally, I’m pretty keen to try this burger, it lives up to what I would consider to be a New York flavour, minus salami and pretzels of course. My only complaint is that there is not enough variation with these promotional burgers, they all stay very closely in line with a formula McDonald’s seem to have; different bread, different cheese, addition of bacon and a larger patty – we can see this in pretty much all promotional burgers and my message to Ronald McDonald & co is simple… Variety will keep us interested! a little more innovation with some of these special menu items would be greatly appreciated by this fast food fan.

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