McDonald’s: UK’s Leading Book Distributor…?

McDonald’s are, as strange as it sounds, set to become the UK’s largest book distributor.

McDonald’s recent “Happy Readers” campaign is their latest Happy Meal give-away and they have declared that by 2015 they will hand out 15 million books!

The books will be both fiction and non fiction, from DK’s Amazing World book series. The campaign is aiming make reading more enjoyable for young children and families. A slightly new look from McDonald’s, we haven’t seen a large scale book give away before and it is certainly likely to win them some new fans. Happy Readers will put books directly into the hands of children and families while they are together eating and could have some genuine benefits, despite the books being a little on the brief side.

McDonald's Books

McDonald's Books

Alongside the books, McDonald’s are giving a £1 book offer, in partnership with WHSmith, each happy meal will  also come with a pop out voucher to receive 1 out of a choice of 2 books (detailed on voucher). for £1, the books have a RRP of £3.99 so its a decent saving!

N.B. vouchers are valid until 9th April 2013.

So not only do McDonald’s feed us, but they help us learn, almost makes you forget the outrageous calorific content of their food. Remember to leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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