New KFC Hot Shots Out Now

The Hot Shots meal is KFC’s latest release since the Nacho Stacker. We are going to have a look at what this meal contains and how it stands against its competition.

The Hot Shots box meal will be available for £5.39.

A box of 4 Hot Shots is available for £1.99


KFC Hot Shots

KFC Hot Shots

It is likely that KFC released this to rival McDonald’s great tastes of the world promotion. However this is not a new burger, or a new range of burgers for that matter. We believe that the Hot Shots meal is simply a Zinger burger meal, but with a new side. Yep, you guessed it the new side is the Hot Shots.

So what are the KFC Hot Shots? well from what we can tell these are like oversized popcorn chicken. Essentially they are small (size of about 4 pieces of popcorn chicken) breaded lumps of chicken with a spicy kick to them. Sounds pretty tasty if you ask me, KFC are short of sides on their menu and it is nice to have another element to this meal which we haven’t seen before, even if it is just larger popcorn chicken.

However, as I mentioned earlier, this was probably released by Yum! in order to challenge McDonald’s new promotion. The only trouble is, I can’t help but feel that a meal based around a new side dish is not really suitable competition for the 4 brand new burgers McDonald’s  released. Maybe KFC have another little something on the way… Watch this space.

Remember to leave your thoughts in the comments section we want to know how fast food fans view this release!

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5 Responses to New KFC Hot Shots Out Now

  1. oxocube says:

    Ignoring the usual ‘box meal’ antics.. the hot shots are very tasty… i even bought a separate serving despite the £1.99 deficit in my wallet for the privilege… however you only get 4 pieces, and i think at 50p/piece this is very expensive… still KFC never seem short of customers… interestingly though when i’ve queued up, no one else in front of me has ordered anything Hotshots so we’ll see..

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  2. saj says:

    KFC are stupid!

    These hot shots were amazing and easily the best snack they sold.

    And just affer 2 weeks of release, they have stopped selling them! PATHETIC!

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    • admin says:

      I know!

      We noticed that the Hot Shots have actually disappeared from most branches, but not all, If your lucky you can still find these at certain KFC’s!

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  3. suky says:

    I know, they were really tasty, I’ve been to two different KFCs and both said they’ve discontinued them. Who are the idiots who made the executive decision to discontinue a good selling product liked by many of its customers?

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  4. radeena says:

    This was very usefull.. thnzz

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