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Burger King is one of the worlds largest fast food restaurants. The company began in 1953, In Jacksonville, Florida and has since then moved onwards and upwards. Owned by 3G capital, and worth about $5.5 Billion, Burger King has over 12,400 Stores in 73 countries, though 90% of these stores are in fact privately owned franchises, sold by Burger King. It is essentially everything you would expect from a commercial fast food chain. It has a diverse menu of beef and chicken options as well as a lot of sides, desserts and drinks. However it is pretty much just burgers and chips here, though the combinations are often something to behold. Like other large chains, the stores are clean. friendly and plentiful, however it must be noted that Burger King focus a little more on the quality of there burgers, boasting 100% beef that tastes noticeably better than some of its rivals, though naturally, this is reflected in higher prices than some of the other commercial stores. All in all BK have a lot to offer, for those who enjoy a good bit of classic fast food. Remember to share your own comments and reviews!

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