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Nando’s Restaurant Profile: Nando’s was founded in the late eighties in South Africa and thanks to the miracle of globalisation, this unusual combination of Portuguese/Mozambiquan is a permanent fixture on our high streets. Nando’s offer a great range of grilled chicken dishes, cooked in one of the famous Nando’s marinades. Whether you are after a burger, a chicken fillet, chicken pieces, wings or even some steak meals now, Nando’s really turn grilling chicken into an art form with some of the most tender and delicious chicken you will come across! (I personally recommend the Chicken Butterfly – it takes tender to a new level). There are also a great range of sides to enjoy with your chicken; fries, olives, salad and plenty more, all with a slightly exotic feel. As well as all this, there is also a pretty decent array of vegetarian options to chooses from. Nando’s can be found everywhere (check out the store finder). Remember to leave your own comments and pictures about your Nando’s experience!

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