Big Mac Review

A timeless fast food veteran, the Big Mac, receives a well deserved 4.5 rating. The taste of the Big Mac is near on perfect, two 100% beef patty’s, onion, lettuce, gherkins (for some), cheese and that famous Big Mac sauce, making for a
truly excellent burger, this recipe redefined the burger when it first came out and continues to impress everyone to everyone to overeat it, I must urge you not to be put of by the size of this burger, you will not regret this purchase. With medium meals at £3.79, it is a fairly good deal, you get the burger, fries and a drink, and with modern prices getting ever higher, we should be thankful! Finally in terms of health, it isn’t actually that bad only 490 kcal calories in a Big Mac burger, making it look light when compared to something like a Big Daddy burger.

Overall, we highly recommend this burger, a defining image in fast food and for good reason! A regular purchase for me regardless of promotional menus.

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