Burger King Steakhouse Angus: User Review

Scratch Nasty review of the Burger King Steakhouse Angus

What they say?

An inspired combination of 100% flame-grilled Aberdeen Angus beef, Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato smothered with a barbecue sauce in a corn dusted bun.

 The Facts

Price:  £4.99 (two for this price with ‘Buy one get one Free’ voucher available at http://www.burgerking.co.uk/offers)

Contains:  1 Steakhouse Angus burger (2 with voucher…obviously!?)

For a meal the cost increases to £6.49.

Calories: 1 burger is 683 kcal (941 meal).

Availability:  Ongoing

I believe this has been a promotional burger in the past which has now made its way onto the regular BK menu.  A ‘Double’ version is also available priced at £5.99 and £7.49 for a meal, 1,109  and 1,367 kcal respectively – ouch!  Prices and nutrition information obtained in store October 2012.

Burger King Steakhouse AngusAs with my previous review I don’t like mayo so I always ask for this to be excluded.  As BK’s slogan is ‘Have it your way’ the staff are well trained to respond to this request and I always ask for additional pickles as well which they always add without charge.


This is one of my favourite fast food burgers.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gourmet burger but when comparing against the usual High Street offerings this burger really is a strong contender.

If you find the double option a bit too ‘manly’ the standard burger is “100% flame-grilled Aberdeen Angus beef”.  Now I won’t go into the cooking methods used for these burgers but the taste is on the whole is OK but you almost feel it gets lost amongst the other ingredients.  The Applewood smoked bacon really compliments the burger and the additional American cheese gives us the classic burger/bacon/cheese combination.  But what I love about this particular bad boy is the crispy onions and BBQ sauce.  The crispy onions have a crunchy texture and are not as overbearing as fresh onions and the sauce is tangy but subtle.

Not being a fan of fresh tomato I always remove this so can’t comment on the taste but the slices are thick and fresh and as with many offerings at Burger King there is just the right amount of lettuce given.  As a fan of pickles on burgers I like my optional addition – maybe give it a try next time if you’re a fan. Burger King Steakhouse Angus

Despite the actual burger lacking in taste the overall combined ingredients make this a tasty member of the Burger King ‘family’.


At £4.99 the burger is closer to being one of the more premium items on the menu and for a couple of quid more you would probably choose a more upmarket version.  But this is one to be had when BK offer their ‘Buy one get one Free’ voucher promotions.  The current promotion ends on 30 October 2012 but I find they offer these quarterly.  So for £2.50 each you find yourself with a burger that leaves you feeling satisfied, if not a bit guilty.  For those of you (like me) that have moments of greed then for the full price you find yourself with not one but two of these Angus delights.  Also worth noting is that you can mix n match with the vouchers so you could have one Steakhouse and one Smoked Bacon and Cheddar.


The Steakhouse Angus is not a burger you can eat daily.  Each burger at 683Kcal is quite excessive so eating two of these in one sitting is not recommended unless you plan on some regular, strenuous exercise!

There is a total of 38.7g of fat within this lunchtime treat, 14g of which saturates – this is a massive 70% of a womans recommended GDA.  I am too scared to check the ‘Double’!


This bun-dle of joy always remains close to my heart (probably because I have had too many) and it is always something to look forward to on a lunchtime mission.  I only buy it when the vouchers are available to enjoy the rare occasion of having the two.  I once did two doubles of this in one sitting but I really would not recommend this unless you are training for an eating challenge.

We know it’s not good for us but the tastes found within this burger really fuse well together so if you haven’t tried it yet then get amongst it ASAP.  Just use caution please, cause while being a crowd pleaser it’s also a waist expander! J

Overall:                4

Taste:                    5

Value:                   2 (4 with voucher)

Health:                 1

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  1. Kathleen Yoast says:

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  2. Mark says:

    Why are the prices of my local McDonalds differently then the prices listed on Fastfoodprice.co.uk

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