Domino’s American Hot Review
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Price: small: £10.99 medium: £13.99 large: £15.99

Contains: 6, 8 or 10 slices of American Hot pizza, 1 garlic and herb dip

Calories: 218 Kcal per slice (for large pizza with regular crust)

Availability: always available

One of everyone’s favourite types of fast food is of course pizza, hence I thought it was time for a pizza review on the site and where better to start than with Domino’s, a slightly unusual pizza choice with the American Hot but worth reviewing nevertheless.

The American Hot

With ground beef, not pepperoni this time

The American Hot isn’t everyone’s idea of a nice pizza, but I’m sure I’m not alone here in saying that it is one of my favourites. It is a simple, yet spicy blend of pepperoni (though i actually swapped mine for ground beef at no extra cost), onions and  a generous portion of jalapeño peppers.

No matter what meat you choose to get on this pizza, if you like spicy food, this is the right choice. the basics are of course the same, cheese and tomato, providing the classic base for any pizza, with a taste you can rely on. Personally it is the addition of the jalapeño peppers which make this pizza great, as it makes it taste that bit better when its complimented by some garlic and herb dip.  It is just another example of Domino’s great pizza which is why I don’t have much convincing to do in terms of the high “taste” score.

As always with Domino’s though, it falls down in value, a small is 10.99 and contains 6 slices, making it a cost of £1.83 per slice! the situation doesn’t improve if you get a larger pizza, the least you will be paying is £1.60 for a slice, it is also worth bearing in mind that this is in the cheaper band of pizzas with less toppings. This is why I always recommend ordering pizza from the big stores only when you have promotional vouchers. (click here for more info on promotions).

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Domino’s pizza has another somewhat unforgiving flaw in terms of health, and the American Hot is no exception, it isn’t at all healthy, even for fast food. A “large” slice has 218Kcal, meaning if you have just 5, you are already well over 1000Kcal, which is around half the GDA, that is also assuming that it is regular crust, stuffed crust for example would add 80Kcal per slice! not to mention the 7.7g of fat per slice, thought this is bad, even for our standards, I think everyone appreciates that Domino’s has to be a rare, but monumental occasion.

All in all, this is exactly how a pizza should be, if you can forgive the price that is. Nevertheless it is simple, very tasty, with a nice amount of toppings, not so many that it is a struggle to eat it, which is the case with other pizzas on the menu.

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