Festive Deluxe Review

Price: £4.99

Contains: 1 Festive Deluxe burger, medium fries, medium drink 

Calories: Burger: 770kcal

Availability: December 2011

Our Thoughts

The latest edition to the McDonald’s menu, and it is some addition, unfortunately it isn’t around for much longer. it scored an impressive 4/5. Far and away the best part of this meal is the taste. The burger has pure 100% beef, in a much larger patty than usual, the difference in taste between a normal cheeseburger is huge! far more succulent and real tasting. along with the crispy bacon, cheese lettuce and “festive sauce” it makes for a great bit of fast food and a nit of a handful. If you like beef burgers, you will not be disappointed by any stretch. Value is the only area in which this meal falls down, it is £4.99 for a medium meal, this is slightly higher than the normal prices for McDonald’s, but the size and quality of the burger do warrant a slightly higher price tag. we were not too bothered by this. finally, health, bearing in mind that we are talking about a huge beef burger with chips, it could be worse. 770Kcal, which is less than a Wicked Zinger meal!

Considering it is around for a limited time, we would definitely recommend this meal, not too pricey and very nice, not to mention the fact that it will fill you up for hours, give it a try before it goes away.




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