KFC Nacho Stacker Review
KFC Nacho Stacker Review, 4.5 out of 5 based on 22 ratings
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Rating: 4.5/5 (22 votes cast)

Price: Box meal: £5.49 (+40p large)

Contains: 1 Nacho stacker burger, 1 piece original recipe chicken, side, fries, drink

Calories: 640 Kcal (burger) 1220Kcal (box meal)

Availability: Until late October 2012 (tbc)

The KFC Nacho Stacker is the latest edition to the KFC menu, its a fairly unusual combination. So lets see how it Stacks Up.

Standing here in all its glory, it is a pretty impressive looking burger, with 4 visible layers, and it isn’t too far a cry from the way they present it in adverts which is a real rarity when it comes to fast food as I’m sure you will all agree. So what is actually in this burger? well, quite a lot. From the bottom upwards, we have; salsa relish, a succulent chicken fillet, a slice of cheese, a hash brown, a large nacho, lettuce and some cool mayonnaise, all of which is of course encased in the standard KFC seeded bun.

KFC Nacho Stacker

Well, almost anyway

That is a lot of ingredients, and I can see some people thinking that its all a bit too much. Stacker up closeHowever I assure you this really is something to behold. the chicken, hash brown and nacho give it a real medley of textures, crunchy at the top, then you bite down into what is usually a tender, warm and flavoursome chicken fillet, provided you don’t get the last few of the day. This is essentially a zinger tower burger with a bit of an edge and spice from the nacho and salsa. Its going for a slightly Mexican feel that we haven’t really seen from KFC much. In my humble opinion this is the best new burger KFC have delivered for a long time, in terms of taste and imagination. It is finally something more than a slightly new source, which is pretty much what the supercharger was, though I am still a fan.

The Meal

The Meal

When it comes to value, we all know what KFC are like. This meal costs £5.49. its not cheap, but as usual there is quite a lot of food for your money, and if you go large, I can’t see many people being hungry afterwards. Really this meal is pretty good value by KFC’s standards, take the supercharger for example again. It costs £4.79, but all you get are the burger chips and a drink. for £1.10 more you get 1 piece, a side and a larger burger!

Health-wise, this is bad. Even by our standards. the burger alone is roughly 640Kcal, that is nearly 2 BBQ rancher’s . Making a medium box meal at least 1200 Kcal. Not only that, the burger has 28g of fat, 39% of your GDA. Not to mention 65% of your daily salt intake at nearly 4g … Well your the ones who wanted to know.

Nevertheless, this is a pretty good addition to the menu, so well done KFC, especially if you put all the health issues to the side. To wrap up, I would say, for something a little different and definitely very tasty, give this one a try, I don’t think it will let you down!

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8 Responses to KFC Nacho Stacker Review

  1. Lawrence says:

    Really like this burger aswell, pretty good from kfc!

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  2. Bustherbumhole says:

    It’s nothing like a zinger tower burger if the chicken isn’t even a zinger breast.
    In my opinion, the colonels secret recipie is **** and just tastes of pepper, so why have that when zingers are sold in the very same place.

    I won’t even try it due to ongoing disapointment and regretat not sticking to my usual meal.

    ps kfc, stop giving me sachets of light Mayo and sachets of ***** hp BBQ sauce when I ask for your tasty tubs.

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    • John Bain says:

      I realise this is a year or so late, but i’m bored…. They’ve re released it now… And you should be happy to note… it’s now a zinger not a standard fillet…

      KFC Employee – King Of Burgers

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  3. Aisling says:

    I had this today and it was delicious. Mine actually looked a lot more like the picture in the ad than the picture of your burger. I’ve got a new favourite menu item!

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  4. Patelian says:

    KFC offered this awesome burger in Australia in late 2010 almost 2 years ago!!! Britain are so late at getting everything but glad it finally came I guess!

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  5. Gregorio Ramirez says:

    I’m getting one. Tonight. I just wet myself. This is the pinnacle of my life so far. The tension is building inside me and I’m struggling to breathe. KFC, you’d better not disappoint. Burger haters can eat a burger. BIG WHOPPER WEDNESDAY.

    Do not disappoint.
    Peace out, chilli dogs!

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  6. Smokey says:

    Will my pet Goat like it?

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  7. Just trying to help says:


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