KFC Supercharger Review
KFC Supercharger Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings


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Rating: 4.0/5 (7 votes cast)

Price: £4.79

Contains: 1 Supercharger sandwich, Large fries, medium drink

Calories: burger – 689kcal, meal -1310 kcal

Availability: always available.

Here we have another new release from KFC, the Supercharger. scoring an overall of 3.5, we were happy with it, but there is no denying a lack of effort here from KFC.

So, What is the Supercharger? well, to be honest, this is what disappointed us. It is essentially, 2 mini fillet burgers pushed together, with a new sauce added.  KFC themselves describe it as “2 succulent mini breast fillets, souped up with delicious tangy sauce.”  Though it is lacking in innovation, for a chicken meal, it does stick to most conventions and it is really quite tasty. The chicken is, in fact, very succulent, and the tangy sauce mixed with the mayonnaise really does compliment the chicken well. Furthermore, the fact that it comes with a large fries does make it quite a lot of food, but it would be nice to get some wings with this meal, like the Zinger.

for £4.79, we have to appreciate that this is on the cheaper end of meals for KFC, and you do get a decent amount of food for your money. I mentioned above that it would be nice to get some additional wings with this meal, but with KFC prices, this would turn into a £5.79 meal, probably not worth it really.

In terms of health, well its fried chicken and bread, lets not pretend that this is anything close to healthy. Nevertheless, in context it is actually quite unhealthy even for fast food, 689 calories in the burger, this is about 200 more than the big mac. The supercharger also contains a worrying 30.3 grams of fat, but, nobody’s perfect!

Overall, though it really isn’t much of a new meal, it is a pretty good one, something you should definitely try in KFC, the special tangy sauce is pretty unique and it makes for a great bit of Fast Food!


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2 Responses to KFC Supercharger Review

  1. Kully says:

    Ok so this helped me cause i need 2 know how many calories r in a burger on its own so thnx

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  2. Malcolm says:

    Poor value, two mini fillets lost in burger. Looks bigger than it actually is.

    Prefer two fillets, possibly drop the fries.

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