KFC Wicked Zinger Meal: User Review
Wicked Zinger Meal

Wicked Zinger Meal

The Facts

Price:  £5.79 with Tower upgrade

Contains:  1 Wicked Tower Zinger burger, 2 x hot wings, 1 regular side, 1 regular drink

Calories: Standard 975kcal.  With hash brown and cheese tower upgrade 1,185kcal.

Availability:  Ongoing

A consistent feature on the KFC menu offering a magnitude of taste and variety.

You will have to excuse the reviewer as I am not fond of mayonnaise so I always ask for this burger without mayo.  The counter staff however do not react like you are a freak for asking for something to be excluded and nor did it affect my waiting time.  So you know the burger has been made up fresh and not sat around for an hour.


Wicked Zinger Burger

Wicked Zinger Burger

I went with my usual regular side, BBQ beans which always taste good.  Sometimes they can look like they’ve been blasted in the microwave for 5-10 seconds too long but generally this is a rarity.

The burger consists of a KFC Zinger burger which has good fillet sized pieces of chicken in it and doesn’t feel processed.  The salsa style sauce tastes fresh, isn’t spicy but doesn’t taste of tomato either which compliments the burger.  The lettuce was fresh and there was plenty of it spilling out into the container but the real finisher to this burger is the additional hash brown and cheese which for approx 70p upgrade completes the burger.

With the chips I find that the KFC variety sit in between their fast food cousins at McDonald’s and Burger King – they’re a sort of cross between the two.  I find myself with this meal thinking that the portion size is just the right amount and are good for the free BBQ sauce which you ask for.


The two additional hot wings are covered in the famous ‘original recipe’ and make this box meal a real winner in terms of value and coming away feeling like you have had a good-sized fast food meal.  At £5.79 you are paying slightly more than say a McDonald’s Big Mac meal but in comparison you are getting the additional wings and regular side.


Weighing in at 975kcal for the standard meal or with the tower upgrade at 1,205kcal this equals 60% of an adults recommended GDA (Guideline Daily Amount).  So eat wisely and save this for the odd rare occasion.  Eating one of these bad boys daily will soon add up!

There is a total of 54g of fat within this meal, 9g of which saturates – this is a massive 46% of a woman’s recommended GDA.


This is an exceptionally good value box meal for one and you may find yourself having a smaller dinner if you have this for lunch (if you have anything!).

The variety on offer here also makes it a winner as you feel like you are having a little something of everything.  I can’t see this disappearing off the KFC menu quickly (or my lunch hour jaunts).

Overall:                4

Taste:                    4

Value:                   5

Health:                 2


 Review By Scratch Nasty (@Scratch_Nasty)


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