McDonald’s Cheese and Bacon Striker Review
McDonald's Cheese and Bacon Striker Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings


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Price: £5.49 (medium meal)

Contains: 1 cheese and bacon striker burger, 1 fries and a drink

Calories: 815

Availability: Until july 2012


So here it is, the Cheese and Bacon Striker , the star of McDonald’s own Euro 2012 campaign, but will it live up to our heavy expectations

The Cheese and Bacon Striker

The Cheese and Bacon Striker

Lets start off with the most important factor, taste. This burger, is pretty damn tasty, we have some new sesame topped bread, a “100%” beef patty, emmental cheese, bacon, lettuce and a new Cheese sauce. I will begin by saying this, we may never know how much beef is in the 100% beef patty, but does it really matter, in this burger in particular, the larger beef patty, though slender really is worth a try, juicy with strong flavour, the cheese sauce really adds a different dimension to the taste, it means that the beef doesn’t over power the cheese, which comes in two forms, leading to a great sensation of flavour.

Now bearing in mind the recent price hike in what seems to be all fast food stores, which I will go into in a separate article, and the fact that it is a promotional meal, the price of £5.49 isn’t too bad, however I rated it only 2.5 as a point of principle against the ever rising price. Though the burger is big, filling when you add fries into the equation, it is a great shame that we are forced to part with more than just one crisp fiver (which would have given change a few months ago.) for the privilege of eating this. Perhaps another one for the list of over-priced strikers…

Up close with the Striker.
Up close with the Striker.

Finally we have the regrettable issue of health, regrettable because when it comes to fast food, the picture is never pretty and this is no exception. 815Kcal in the burger alone, added to 330Kcal in a medium fries, and we are talking over half the GDA of calories for a day in one sitting. then we have the issue of the 48g of fat and 3g of salt this burger contains. However as I always say, there is no harm in occasionally indulging in a 1000+ calorie meal, and if it tastes as good as this then any harm caused is instantly countered by the temporary happiness and fulfilment this burger will bring.

So, despite being somewhat over priced and a little unforgiving in nature, the Striker is still a top performer, even on the world stage. I recommend you give it a try whilst its still out. oh yeah and sorry for the attempted football puns but it felt appropriate.

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