Sweet Chilli Chicken Sandwich Review
Sweet Chilli Chicken Sandwich Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


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Rating: 5.0/5 (2 votes cast)

Price: £3.49 (medium meal)

Contains: 1 Sweet Chilli Chicken Sandwich (or wrap), medium fries, medium drink

Calories: 560 Kcal (sandwich)

Availability: Always Available, Deli of the day on Thursday and Saturday.

The “Crispy” Sweet chilli chicken sandwich is an unusual yet impressive item from the prestigious McDonald’s menu, scoring a high 4.5. Taste wise it is pretty good, a chicken patty, cucumber, lettuce, mayo and sweet chilli sauce. It is not an outstanding culinary masterpiece, but it is quite nice, the chilli sauce adds an extra little kick and the chicken is fairly crispy and different to the chicken in other burgers which is a welcome change, this same combination is also available in wrap form, which is also pretty good, but possibly not as filling. this sandwich is pretty good value-wise, a medium meal is available for £3.79, however if you get it when its deli of the day (Thursday and Saturday), you can get a large meal for just £3.49 and the sandwich (or wrap) alone is just £1.99, definitely worth the wait in my opinion, or just get whatever is deli of the day as they are all discounted. I should also add that prices for wrap meals are the same. In terms of health it isn’t bad, the sandwich only has 560Kcal, around the average for a McDonald’s item and 3g of fat, the wrap is of course healthier with just 460Kcal.

All in all the Sweet chilli crispy chicken sandwich or wrap is a nice, cheap meal to buy and a slightly healthy alternative to a burger!

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2 Responses to Sweet Chilli Chicken Sandwich Review

  1. LoveMyChickenSandwich says:

    This sandwich is delicious. I don’t even mind paying £5 for a large meal with shake. :)

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  2. Jackie Sofa says:

    I LOVE this meal, it is my LIFE. I got to McDonalds EVERY THURSDAY and SATURDAY to get the Sweet Chilli chicken wrap meal. Oh boy, they are good! The taste of the chicken… Mmmmmmmm, finger licking good man!

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