Wicked Zinger Review
Wicked Zinger Review, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


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Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes cast)

Price: £5.19

Contains: 1 Wicked Zinger burger, regular fries, regular drink, 2 hot wings, regular side

Calories: 1100Kcal (meal)

Availability: Always Available

Medium Wicked Zinger Meal

Medium Wicked Zinger Meal

The Wicked Zinger meal is a classic and all time favourite from KFC, receiving an impressive rating of 4. The Wicked Zinger is a classic fillet burger with a bit of a spicy kick, accompanied by lettuce and plain mayonnaise, a simple recipe for a great burger, in our humble opinion, with well complimenting flavours and in most cases a nice tender texture. Value is where the Wicked Zinger impresses, it does cost £5.19 for a regular meal (add 50p for a large), but with this you receive; the burger, fries, 2 hot wings, a side and a medium drink. we think that this is a lot of great fast food for your money and find that it can be a struggle to finish a large at the best of times. Healthwise, this is KFC, how healthy can it be? however with so much food, a medium meal will be 1100Kcal, quite a lot but not overly fattening, besides with such great chicken, who really cares!

We can all appreciate the classic charm of the Wicked Zinger meal, a definite favourite here at the Fast Food Forum, something  that I regularly purchase when I find myself in an indecisive state at  KFC, it always goes down a treat.  Remember to vote and discuss! 

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