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Closer Look: Burger King Fusions

Price: £1.19 Contains: 1 BK Fusion ice cream Calories: 339Kcal Availability: Always available (promotional flavours only temporary)   BK Fusions are the McFlurry of Burger King world. Available for just £1.19, Burger King Fusions are a pretty tasty little desert option from BK. Fusions are available in 2 Flavours, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Fudge, and, for a limited time Jaffa Cakes flavour. Overall they are essentially the same as a McFlurry.  Small-ish pots of ice cream, mixed with some kind of sauce and a little crunchy something in there too! When I tried these, I had the Strawberry cheesecake one just a couple of days ago, they claim to put real pieces of strawberry cheesecake in their to make it taste so … Continue reading

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Burger King King of The Day Deal

Burger King have begun the “King of the Day” promotion. This involves a different item everyday available for £1.99 or a meal for £3.99. Monday – Big King Tuesday – Chicken Royale Wednesday- Whopper Thursday- Double Rodeo Friday- Bacon Double Cheeseburger Saturday- 6 King Nuggets Sunday- Double Cheeseburger This is a pretty good deal, considering how expensive BK usually is. Which is the nicest meal on this offer?

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