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Huge Burger King Savings

Click here for a great range of savings and money off at Burger King! http://www.burgerking.co.uk/files/documents/voucher/KOTD_Vouchers.pdf Valid until February 24th 2013!  

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Free Fries at Burger King

That’s right, tomorrow (Friday 30th November 2012)  Burger King are running a promotion called friesday, this essentially means, free chips for all! see more information here http://www.burgerking.co.uk

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Burger King Steakhouse Angus: User Review

Scratch Nasty review of the Burger King Steakhouse Angus What they say? An inspired combination of 100% flame-grilled Aberdeen Angus beef, Applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato smothered with a barbecue sauce in a corn dusted bun.  The Facts Price:  £4.99 (two for this price with ‘Buy one get one Free’ voucher available at http://www.burgerking.co.uk/offers) Contains:  1 Steakhouse Angus burger (2 with voucher…obviously!?) For a meal the cost increases to £6.49. Calories: 1 burger is 683 kcal (941 meal). Availability:  Ongoing I believe this has been a promotional burger in the past which has now made its way onto the regular BK menu.  A ‘Double’ version is also available priced at £5.99 and £7.49 for a meal, 1,109 … Continue reading

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Closer Look: Burger King Fusions

Price: £1.19 Contains: 1 BK Fusion ice cream Calories: 339Kcal Availability: Always available (promotional flavours only temporary)   BK Fusions are the McFlurry of Burger King world. Available for just £1.19, Burger King Fusions are a pretty tasty little desert option from BK. Fusions are available in 2 Flavours, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Fudge, and, for a limited time Jaffa Cakes flavour. Overall they are essentially the same as a McFlurry.  Small-ish pots of ice cream, mixed with some kind of sauce and a little crunchy something in there too! When I tried these, I had the Strawberry cheesecake one just a couple of days ago, they claim to put real pieces of strawberry cheesecake in their to make it taste so … Continue reading

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Burger King: Restaurant Profile

About Burger King is one of the worlds largest fast food restaurants. The company began in 1953, In Jacksonville, Florida and has since then moved onwards and upwards. Owned by 3G capital, and worth about $5.5 Billion, Burger King has over 12,400 Stores in 73 countries, though 90% of these stores are in fact privately owned franchises, sold by Burger King. It is essentially everything you would expect from a commercial fast food chain. It has a diverse menu of beef and chicken options as well as a lot of sides, desserts and drinks. However it is pretty much just burgers and chips here, though the combinations are often something to behold. Like other large chains, the stores are clean. … Continue reading

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Burger King Full Menu UK

*Please note prices may vary slightly in certain branches. If you find this page useful, please share! Back to Profile…  

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Burger King King of The Day Deal

Burger King have begun the “King of the Day” promotion. This involves a different item everyday available for £1.99 or a meal for £3.99. Monday – Big King Tuesday – Chicken Royale Wednesday- Whopper Thursday- Double Rodeo Friday- Bacon Double Cheeseburger Saturday- 6 King Nuggets Sunday- Double Cheeseburger This is a pretty good deal, considering how expensive BK usually is. Which is the nicest meal on this offer?

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Burger King Vouchers

Burger King Vouchers – Click on the link below for some great Burger King discounts, including buy one get one free on the Angus, or 2 Chicken Royale’s for £6… http://www.freestuffjunction.co.uk/files/bk_june_2012.pdf Just click  on the link and print them off. EXPIRED

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