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KFC Supercharger Review

  Price: £4.79 Contains: 1 Supercharger sandwich, Large fries, medium drink Calories: burger – 689kcal, meal -1310 kcal Availability: always available. Here we have another new release from KFC, the Supercharger. scoring an overall of 3.5, we were happy with it, but there is no denying a lack of effort here from KFC. So, What is the Supercharger? well, to be honest, this is what disappointed us. It is essentially, 2 mini fillet burgers pushed together, with a new sauce added.  KFC themselves describe it as “2 succulent mini breast fillets, souped up with delicious tangy sauce.”  Though it is lacking in innovation, for a chicken meal, it does stick to most conventions and it is really quite tasty. The chicken is, in … Continue reading

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Sweet Chilli Chicken Sandwich Review

  Price: £3.49 (medium meal) Contains: 1 Sweet Chilli Chicken Sandwich (or wrap), medium fries, medium drink Calories: 560 Kcal (sandwich) Availability: Always Available, Deli of the day on Thursday and Saturday. The “Crispy” Sweet chilli chicken sandwich is an unusual yet impressive item from the prestigious McDonald’s menu, scoring a high 4.5. Taste wise it is pretty good, a chicken patty, cucumber, lettuce, mayo and sweet chilli sauce. It is not an outstanding culinary masterpiece, but it is quite nice, the chilli sauce adds an extra little kick and the chicken is fairly crispy and different to the chicken in other burgers which is a welcome change, this same combination is also available in wrap form, which is also … Continue reading

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