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KFC Mighty Bucket For One

Mighty Bucket For One Introducing the Mighty Bucket for one… KFC’s latest release, that I can’t help but think, should already exist! Price: £5.59 (medium meal) Calories: 1270 Kcal Contains: 1 fries, 2 hot wings, 2 pieces, 2 mini breast fillets and a regular Drink This meal is one for the real chicken fans, KFC UK have got a huge range of burger based meals, but were lacking in options for people who just want pure and simple chicken. Sure we have the boneless banquet and the original recipe meals, but this combines the two. Spicy wings, succulent chicken pieces and some mini fillets for dipping. This meal genuinely does fill a gap in their menu in my opinion, it … Continue reading

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Closer Look: Chicken McBites

Price: £1.49 Contains: 1 portion of Chicken McBites Calories: 180 Kcal Availability: Ongoing       Chicken McBites are a popular menu item from McDonald’s USA, that we have finally been graced with here in the UK. These Chicken McBites are essentially just popcorn chicken, they have the same texture and feel. McDonald’s describe them as small bites of chicken in a crispy pepper coating. The pepper definitely comes through in these, giving them a bit of an extra kick that KFC’s popcorn chicken is lacking. For £1.49 this is a nice addition to the McDonald’s menu, a great little snack on the move or just a little extra with your meal. In terms of portion size, I would say that it … Continue reading

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Worlds Largest KFC

Baku, Azerbaijan, is the home to the worlds largest KFC. This palace of a building is possibly one of the most intricately designed locations in which one can buy fried chicken! This 1600 square foot complex was built in 1926 by architect N.G. Bayev. Formerly a station in the Soviet Unions first electrified railway in 1924, it now performs an equally crucial role in society, providing quality chicken to the grateful people of Baku. It is reported that the company from Azerbaijan invested €3 million to restore the old station and convert it into a KFC. The restaurant can now seat 300 customers and is expected to sell 1.5 million meal every year! it is officially the largest KFC out … Continue reading

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New KFC Hot Shots Out Now

The Hot Shots meal is KFC’s latest release since the Nacho Stacker. We are going to have a look at what this meal contains and how it stands against its competition. The Hot Shots box meal will be available for £5.39. A box of 4 Hot Shots is available for £1.99 Overview It is likely that KFC released this to rival McDonald’s great tastes of the world promotion. However this is not a new burger, or a new range of burgers for that matter. We believe that the Hot Shots meal is simply a Zinger burger meal, but with a new side. Yep, you guessed it the new side is the Hot Shots. So what are the KFC Hot Shots? … Continue reading

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Closer Look: KFC Snack Box

Price: £1.99 Contains: selected chicken and chips Calories 625-740 kcal (depending on chicken) Availability: Always available. The Snack box is a great little snack provided by KFC, it is just a type of chicken, with chips in a box. I recently tried the Mini Breast Fillet snack box. I was impressed, incredibly tender and juicy chicken, with no nonsense. the only problem is that the fillet is just a little bit on the small side. I would gladly have a bigger piece of chicken and fewer chips, but then again, who wouldn’t? Snack Box’s: Mini breast Fillet (625Kcal) Popcorn Chicken (630Kcal) 2 Hot Wings (660Kcal) 1 Piece Original Recipe Chicken (740Kcal) Remember to leave your thoughts and comments below…

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