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Closer Look: KFC Snack Box

Price: £1.99 Contains: selected chicken and chips Calories 625-740 kcal (depending on chicken) Availability: Always available. The Snack box is a great little snack provided by KFC, it is just a type of chicken, with chips in a box. I recently tried the Mini Breast Fillet snack box. I was impressed, incredibly tender and juicy chicken, with no nonsense. the only problem is that the fillet is just a little bit on the small side. I would gladly have a bigger piece of chicken and fewer chips, but then again, who wouldn’t? Snack Box’s: Mini breast Fillet (625Kcal) Popcorn Chicken (630Kcal) 2 Hot Wings (660Kcal) 1 Piece Original Recipe Chicken (740Kcal) Remember to leave your thoughts and comments below…

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KFC Supercharger Review

  Price: £4.79 Contains: 1 Supercharger sandwich, Large fries, medium drink Calories: burger – 689kcal, meal -1310 kcal Availability: always available. Here we have another new release from KFC, the Supercharger. scoring an overall of 3.5, we were happy with it, but there is no denying a lack of effort here from KFC. So, What is the Supercharger? well, to be honest, this is what disappointed us. It is essentially, 2 mini fillet burgers pushed together, with a new sauce added.  KFC themselves describe it as “2 succulent mini breast fillets, souped up with delicious tangy sauce.”  Though it is lacking in innovation, for a chicken meal, it does stick to most conventions and it is really quite tasty. The chicken is, in … Continue reading

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Would You Like Statins With That?

Researchers at Imperial College London have suggested, that if fast food outlets offered cholesterol lowering drugs with meals purchased, it could offset the negative health effects of such food. It is suggested by Dr. Darrel Francis in the American Journal of cardiology that they could perhaps be offered with salt, pepper and other condiments to encourage customers to take them. Francis argues that they cost as little as 5p per customer, similar to a ketchup sachet, and though they are not miraculous health enhancing drugs, they should reduce the risk of a heart attack roughly as much as a burger and fries can increase the risk, definitely worth bearing in mind. It has been criticised however, as we people should not be encouraged to … Continue reading

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Festive Deluxe Review

Price: £4.99 Contains: 1 Festive Deluxe burger, medium fries, medium drink  Calories: Burger: 770kcal Availability: December 2011 Our Thoughts The latest edition to the McDonald’s menu, and it is some addition, unfortunately it isn’t around for much longer. it scored an impressive 4/5. Far and away the best part of this meal is the taste. The burger has pure 100% beef, in a much larger patty than usual, the difference in taste between a normal cheeseburger is huge! far more succulent and real tasting. along with the crispy bacon, cheese lettuce and “festive sauce” it makes for a great bit of fast food and a nit of a handful. If you like beef burgers, you will not be disappointed by … Continue reading

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Big Mac Review

A timeless fast food veteran, the Big Mac, receives a well deserved 4.5 rating. The taste of the Big Mac is near on perfect, two 100% beef patty’s, onion, lettuce, gherkins (for some), cheese and that famous Big Mac sauce, making for a truly excellent burger, this recipe redefined the burger when it first came out and continues to impress everyone to everyone to overeat it, I must urge you not to be put of by the size of this burger, you will not regret this purchase. With medium meals at £3.79, it is a fairly good deal, you get the burger, fries and a drink, and with modern prices getting ever higher, we should be thankful! Finally in terms … Continue reading

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Domino’s American Hot Review

Price: small: £10.99 medium: £13.99 large: £15.99 Contains: 6, 8 or 10 slices of American Hot pizza, 1 garlic and herb dip Calories: 218 Kcal per slice (for large pizza with regular crust) Availability: always available One of everyone’s favourite types of fast food is of course pizza, hence I thought it was time for a pizza review on the site and where better to start than with Domino’s, a slightly unusual pizza choice with the American Hot but worth reviewing nevertheless. The American Hot isn’t everyone’s idea of a nice pizza, but I’m sure I’m not alone here in saying that it is one of my favourites. It is a simple, yet spicy blend of pepperoni (though i actually swapped mine … Continue reading

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