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KFC Nacho Stacker Review

Price: Box meal: £5.49 (+40p large) Contains: 1 Nacho stacker burger, 1 piece original recipe chicken, side, fries, drink Calories: 640 Kcal (burger) 1220Kcal (box meal) Availability: Until late October 2012 (tbc) The KFC Nacho Stacker is the latest edition to the KFC menu, its a fairly unusual combination. So lets see how it Stacks Up. Standing here in all its glory, it is a pretty impressive looking burger, with 4 visible layers, and it isn’t too far a cry from the way they present it in adverts which is a real rarity when it comes to fast food as I’m sure you will all agree. So what is actually in this burger? well, quite a lot. From the bottom … Continue reading

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New Summer Menu at McDonald’s

  Summer has (believe it or not) rolled around, and that means a new promotion from our reliable friends McDonald’s. This summer we have 2 new items, the cheddar deluxe and cheese and onion bites!   The Cheddar deluxe is just as one would expect, pretty similar to the Striker burger we saw a few months ago. It is the vintage larger oval beef patty that is always used for special burgers,  some mature cheddar cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, bacon, mayo and some tomato chutney.  This time the new ingredients are the onions and the tomato chutney, watch out for a review to see how they work out. Meals are priced at £4.99 – £5.29 for a medium, depending on … Continue reading

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Burger King King of The Day Deal

Burger King have begun the “King of the Day” promotion. This involves a different item everyday available for £1.99 or a meal for £3.99. Monday – Big King Tuesday – Chicken Royale Wednesday- Whopper Thursday- Double Rodeo Friday- Bacon Double Cheeseburger Saturday- 6 King Nuggets Sunday- Double Cheeseburger This is a pretty good deal, considering how expensive BK usually is. Which is the nicest meal on this offer?

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Fast Food Outlets Limited in Haringey

Haringey Council (North London) have taken it upon themselves to impose strict limits and regulations on pizza, burger and kebab shops in the area. The Council claims that the limits will increase the life expectancy of poorer residents, stating that Tottenham, with 14 fast food restaurants has a life expectancy of 72.5 while Fortis Green, only 3 fast food restaurants, has a life expectency of 81.5. However it strikes me as incredibly naive to attribute this differences so largely down to consumption of fast food. It is more than likely that other lifestyle choices, smoking, drinking etc contribute in a far greater way to diminished life expectancy. But do we see pubs closing? Outlets will be banned from opening within 400 metres … Continue reading

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KFC In Court!

KFC were recently ordered to pay $8.3 million to a family in New South Wales, Australia. Monika Samaan, caught salmonella poisoning after eating a “Twister” wrap meal from KFC, it is thought that the undercooked chicken in the wrap caused the severe salmonella which eventually led to brain damage, leaving Monika wheelchair-bound. Yum! the owners of KFC, were of course deeply apologetic to the Samaan family, though also defended their position as a “provider of safe, high quality food”. The incident is a few years old now, the Samaans’ lawyer was relieved with the ruling in the Supreme Court, however Yum! have stated that they are not happy with the level of evidence in the case, and plan to appeal. Share your … Continue reading

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