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KFC All Stars Box

The latest product release from KFC is an interesting one, the All Stars Box. This article will provide a brief overview of this new addition to the “streetwise” menu. The Facts Price: £2.99 Contains: 1 small fries, 1 small popcorn chicken, 1 BBQ/Flamin’ Wrap Calories: 740 Kcal Overview So KFC have released another item that we can buy without parting with more than a fiver, which is always a good thing.  The All stars box is a collection of great KFC classics, put into a small meal for just £3. The All Stars box is a nice new combination of items, its not quite as large as a full meal, but it still includes; a small portion of fries, a … Continue reading

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KFC Finally Set To Improve Fries!

KFC appear to have finally realised that their fries just weren’t cutting it! That’s right, its no secret that KFC have been lagging behind in the fries department for some time; as we established in battle of the fries. Now however, they are even admitting it, a simple trip to www.kfc.co.uk will take you to a page where you can vote on whether or not you think that KFC should investigate improving their fries. I urge you all to visit their site and vote yes! prices at KFC are going up, and with great chicken, you can kind of forgive this, but the fries have always been bland and unsatisfying in my opinion. If anything, they could learn a thing … Continue reading

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Worlds Largest KFC

Baku, Azerbaijan, is the home to the worlds largest KFC. This palace of a building is possibly one of the most intricately designed locations in which one can buy fried chicken! This 1600 square foot complex was built in 1926 by architect N.G. Bayev. Formerly a station in the Soviet Unions first electrified railway in 1924, it now performs an equally crucial role in society, providing quality chicken to the grateful people of Baku. It is reported that the company from Azerbaijan invested €3 million to restore the old station and convert it into a KFC. The restaurant can now seat 300 customers and is expected to sell 1.5 million meal every year! it is officially the largest KFC out … Continue reading

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What Is The Perfect Chicken Wing?

The chicken wing is the cornerstone of fast food, simple, tasty and usually very cheap, but what is the best type of chicken wing and where can we get them?  The first thing most people would think is KFC, but really 2 for £1 just isn’t acceptable, though they may be some pretty good wings, crispy on the outside, spicy and tender all at the same time, I am personally more of a fan of 4 for 99p, the type of wings that you can get from Sams chicken for example. In modern times we have such a great variety of wings to choose from, fried, peri-peri, barbecue, etc. Comment here on where you have had the best chicken wings, or … Continue reading

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