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Closer Look: KFC Snack Box

Price: £1.99 Contains: selected chicken and chips Calories 625-740 kcal (depending on chicken) Availability: Always available. The Snack box is a great little snack provided by KFC, it is just a type of chicken, with chips in a box. I recently tried the Mini Breast Fillet snack box. I was impressed, incredibly tender and juicy chicken, with no nonsense. the only problem is that the fillet is just a little bit on the small side. I would gladly have a bigger piece of chicken and fewer chips, but then again, who wouldn’t? Snack Box’s: Mini breast Fillet (625Kcal) Popcorn Chicken (630Kcal) 2 Hot Wings (660Kcal) 1 Piece Original Recipe Chicken (740Kcal) Remember to leave your thoughts and comments below…

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KFC Supercharger Review

  Price: £4.79 Contains: 1 Supercharger sandwich, Large fries, medium drink Calories: burger – 689kcal, meal -1310 kcal Availability: always available. Here we have another new release from KFC, the Supercharger. scoring an overall of 3.5, we were happy with it, but there is no denying a lack of effort here from KFC. So, What is the Supercharger? well, to be honest, this is what disappointed us. It is essentially, 2 mini fillet burgers pushed together, with a new sauce added.  KFC themselves describe it as “2 succulent mini breast fillets, souped up with delicious tangy sauce.”  Though it is lacking in innovation, for a chicken meal, it does stick to most conventions and it is really quite tasty. The chicken is, in … Continue reading

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Wicked Zinger Review

  Price: £5.19 Contains: 1 Wicked Zinger burger, regular fries, regular drink, 2 hot wings, regular side Calories: 1100Kcal (meal) Availability: Always Available The Wicked Zinger meal is a classic and all time favourite from KFC, receiving an impressive rating of 4. The Wicked Zinger is a classic fillet burger with a bit of a spicy kick, accompanied by lettuce and plain mayonnaise, a simple recipe for a great burger, in our humble opinion, with well complimenting flavours and in most cases a nice tender texture. Value is where the Wicked Zinger impresses, it does cost £5.19 for a regular meal (add 50p for a large), but with this you receive; the burger, fries, 2 hot wings, a side and a medium drink. we think … Continue reading

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