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KFC Wicked Zinger Meal: User Review

The Facts Price:  £5.79 with Tower upgrade Contains:  1 Wicked Tower Zinger burger, 2 x hot wings, 1 regular side, 1 regular drink Calories: Standard 975kcal.  With hash brown and cheese tower upgrade 1,185kcal. Availability:  Ongoing A consistent feature on the KFC menu offering a magnitude of taste and variety. You will have to excuse the reviewer as I am not fond of mayonnaise so I always ask for this burger without mayo.  The counter staff however do not react like you are a freak for asking for something to be excluded and nor did it affect my waiting time.  So you know the burger has been made up fresh and not sat around for an hour. Taste… I went … Continue reading

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Wicked Zinger Review

  Price: £5.19 Contains: 1 Wicked Zinger burger, regular fries, regular drink, 2 hot wings, regular side Calories: 1100Kcal (meal) Availability: Always Available The Wicked Zinger meal is a classic and all time favourite from KFC, receiving an impressive rating of 4. The Wicked Zinger is a classic fillet burger with a bit of a spicy kick, accompanied by lettuce and plain mayonnaise, a simple recipe for a great burger, in our humble opinion, with well complimenting flavours and in most cases a nice tender texture. Value is where the Wicked Zinger impresses, it does cost £5.19 for a regular meal (add 50p for a large), but with this you receive; the burger, fries, 2 hot wings, a side and a medium drink. we think … Continue reading

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