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KFC Cajun Boxmaster Review

The Facts Price: £3.79(Boxmaster only) £4.79 (meal) Contains: 1 Cajun boxmaster wrap, meal with fries and drink. Calories: 558 (boxmaster only) 810 (meal) Availability: TBC So here we have the Cajun Boxmaster! “the most satisfying lunch this side of Louisiana” according to KFC. This is a welcome bit of variation to the KFC menu, with the wrap and cajun sauce, it stands out somewhat. A pretty large wrap, with a unique taste, lets get into the details. Taste Well, this doesn’t really taste like anything else on the KFC menu, so well done to them on that front. What we have here is a grilled chicken fillet, a hash brown, cheese, lettuce, and the spicy tomato cajun sauce, all wrapped … Continue reading

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New KFC Hot Shots Out Now

The Hot Shots meal is KFC’s latest release since the Nacho Stacker. We are going to have a look at what this meal contains and how it stands against its competition. The Hot Shots box meal will be available for £5.39. A box of 4 Hot Shots is available for £1.99 Overview It is likely that KFC released this to rival McDonald’s great tastes of the world promotion. However this is not a new burger, or a new range of burgers for that matter. We believe that the Hot Shots meal is simply a Zinger burger meal, but with a new side. Yep, you guessed it the new side is the Hot Shots. So what are the KFC Hot Shots? … Continue reading

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